Before the Assembly Line

We’ve all heard the stories of the fact that vehicles were built by hand and were not mass produced before we had assembly lines. For most of us this is an unimaginable reality. The ability to only produce a few products each year to be sold meant the profits and the price had to be […]

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You’ve Got to Check This Out

Whether you’re a fan or not, the amazing vehicles that Jay Leno has built, rebuilt, restored and kept up offers an impressive collection of love and car of cars. As a car guy that has enjoyed amazing success with his comedy career, Leno has gone on to star in his own show called Jay Leno’s […]

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Hot Wheels Fun You Can do at Home

The folks of 5MadMovieMakers have made numerous videos showing their expertise with taking Hot Wheels cars, a lot of track, their imagination and a few GoPro cameras and creating videos that impress and amaze us. This group typically builds contraptions or has the cars performing tricks that most of us might never think possible in […]

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