Real Fun in the Subaru BRZ

If you want to have a sports car that you can drive and enjoy on every road, you don’t need to look to high-powered models that aren’t practical at all for you to drive. Instead, enjoy the benefits of the Subaru BRZ which is a car that offers you real fun in the real world […]

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Fast Cars of the 1960’s

Performance, speed, and power, and muscle were some of the most important factors in what automakers were after in the 1960’s. This was a decade full of excesses including excess size in the engine bay where we saw more cylinders added and more horsepower given. With this in mind, let’s explore the fast cars of […]

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Innovative Cheating

Over the many years that cars have raced around on the track, every team has tried to gain an advantage over the rest in the race to see if they could gain a little bit more and get to the front of the pack easier. Innovation in motorsports is the lifeblood of racing and it […]

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Modern American Performance

Whenever you hear someone who lived through the 1950s and 1960s talk about the good old days of performance and power from the automotive industry you can put on a smile and remind them that the performance offered at that time is nothing compared to what we see on the market today. The American automotive […]

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