Toyota Performance Using Force

In the everyday driving machines that we see and use on the roads from Toyota, we don’t expect to see any type of forced induction under the hood, but that doesn’t mean the performance arm of Toyota won’t offer forced power. The benefits for the typical engines that are used in the coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, […]

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A Backseat You’ll Love

Most of us don’t think much about our backseats except to make sure there’s enough room back there for a few items or a passenger to squeeze in when necessary. Even though we might not look at the aft portion of our cabin as an important space, and why would we when we’re going to […]

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V10 Power Lives On

In the modern era there seems to be a transition to the less powerful engines on many models in an effort to create lower emissions and use much less of the fossil fuels still left on this planet.  Look at the direction the state of California is going; if the legislature passes there the residents […]

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