2023 Lexus GX: Luxury Meets Off-Road Power

The latest 2023 Lexus GX 460 is a mixed bag of luxury, off-road features, and poor fuel mileage. Fuel economy might not matter to most Lexus SUV owners.

Are you searching for a luxury SUV that takes you deeper into the wilderness? Do you prefer good towing power over the fuel sippers you see on the road every day? This Lexus SUV brings several qualities to the market, giving you an excellent package of features, capabilities, and style.

Here are seven reasons why the GX could be the right luxury SUV for you to drive.

1. The Toughness of the Body-on-Frame Platform

It’s nearly impossible to argue with the underpinnings of the GX. This impressive Lexus SUV uses a body-on-frame platform, which is often found as the platform utilized for many large SUVs and pickup trucks. This platform allows the GX to feel like a truck and gives you the off-road drive desired. You can tow up to 6,500 pounds with this impressive Lexus SUV and still enjoy the luxury qualities during your time behind the wheel. This means you’ll have a smooth drive on the roads during the week and a fun weekend adventure into the wilderness.

2. The Current Lexus GX Still has a Strong V8 Engine

The next generation of this Lexus SUV might have a hybrid V6 or include turbocharging, but not the 2023 version. This current model still brings a powerful 4.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine to the mix. You’ll enjoy 301 horsepower and 329 lb-ft of torque from this engine. When you’re looking for an SUV with an old-school feeling, the GX is an amazing option, giving you the classic V8 engine feeling on any road.

3. Seating Across Three Rows in the GX

The GX straddles the line between midsize and full-size SUVs with a spacious three-row cabin that offers seating for the whole family. Although the rear cargo area is small, the third row allows the desired versatility to bring you and your family wherever you need to go. Load up the cargo required for your adventure in a small trailer and let everyone join in on the fun. This impressive Lexus SUV brings the seating and spaciousness desired for an excellent ride.

4. You’ll Love the Cabin of this Lexus SUV

The interior area of the Lexus GX brings you an impressive array of classy wood accents, faux leather upholstery, and an impressive 10.3-inch touchscreen display. This might be an old-school SUV, but that doesn’t prevent you from connecting via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay whenever you get behind the wheel. Choose one of the luxury trims, and you’ll enjoy concert-quality sounds coming from the Mark Levinson 17-speaker audio system. This system makes your daily drive a little less boring and adds a lot to your weekend adventures.

5. This is a Lexus SUV

That slanted L in a circle means something special in the automotive world. The Lexus badge tells you that this vehicle brings high-end luxury and sporty performance to your drive. The GX brings a classier look and feel than the Toyota Land Rover, which it shares a platform with. It’s easy to see how this SUV stands apart from anything in the Toyota lineup when you step inside and prepare for an amazing drive.

6. The GX is One of the Most Reliable SUVs in the Market

The Lexus GX comes off the line with very few flaws, and it outperforms most other models in terms of reliability. If you want a rock-solid SUV that’s ready to go every day, you can’t find many SUVs that rank higher than this Lexus SUV. When you choose a Lexus, you expect to receive Toyota levels of reliability and quality for your time out on the road. At no point will the GX ever disappoint you, no matter where you go.

7. Don’t Forget About the Off-Road Capabilities

The GX isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd of luxury SUVs. This impressive Lexus delivers some excellent off-road qualities, including full-time 4WD, a fuel tank protector, crawl control, skid plates, multi-terrain select, and a multi-terrain monitor. The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System reduces body roll, and it’s a standard part of this luxury SUV. You’ll find 8.1 inches of ground clearance under the lowest point of this SUV, making it easy to roll over obstacles you find out on the trails.

The 2023 Lexus GX is the last model year of the current generation and likely the last V8-powered GX ever made. Is this the luxury SUV for you?

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