Check Out The New Tricked-Out Trend for Powerful Trucks: The Top 6×6 Trucks on the Market

A new trend is emerging where already amazing 4×4 trucks are being modified by aftermarket brands into 6×6 powerhouse vehicles.

More axles and wheels mean more style – and maybe even better performance and handling.

Have you ever looked at a great 4×4 truck and wished it could be bigger, better, flashier?

But what’s the idea behind this trend, and where can we find some of these trucks for sale today?

What’s With the New Trend?

Originally created for military purposes, 6×6 trucks have an extra axle that allows them to get better traction and payload with the right drivetrain attached. Great for tough terrain like sand, a 6×6 truck is mostly used for intense off-roading by domestic drivers.

While 6×6 trucks have been made often enough over the years – with a focus on surviving the apocalypse being a fun way to drum up interest – the recent uptick in the trend is due to well-known manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz souping up their own trucks.

Here are some of the best recent 6×6 trucks for sale and how they can improve upon their original models.

Top 6X6 Trucks and What Makes Them Better Than Their Originals

Of all the possible trucks to choose from, here are some of the ones that look truly menacing and awe-inspiring on the road.


Fierce-looking and durable, the RAM TRX 6×6 takes all of the great things about a RAM 1500 and makes them even better. It has the look and feel of a juggernaut – strong, powerful, and unbeatable on the road.

You can find this truck for sale primarily at auctions or through local dealers who create and sell modded vehicles.

Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 6×6

A step above the original Ford Raptor, The VelociRaptor is called “the world’s most extreme pickup truck” by Hennessey.

In addition to the additional axle and wheels, it’s got an upgraded engine-management system, a high-capacity intercooler with a blow-off valve, and enhanced air induction that boosts the truck’s performance.

It even comes with an additional off-road kit for drivers who want even more adventure. You can find more information about it and how to purchase it on the Hennessey Performance website.

Apocalypse Juggernaut 6×6

Remember how we mentioned the apocalypse trend? A good bit of that comes from the brand Apocalypse Manufacturing – a company with the sole mission to make a 6×6 truck that could survive the end of time, in their own words.

To that end, they made the Apocalypse Juggernaut. It’s huge, appears to be covered in armor, and has some of the coolest features – like 40-inch wheels, a cab with enough space for a seven-foot person, and the largest rear bench seat in the industry.

You can find it and more vehicles made by Apocalypse on their website.

So if you’re interested in some of the best 6×6 trucks for sale, you can start with these or find a few new trucks of your own. Just be ready for these crazy-big and powerful trucks when they become more mainstream.

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