The Sport Variant has Been Seen

When automakers bring us new models that are expected to be better than the previous model, the use of a large variety of research and technology is beneficial to many vehicles and the larger automotive groups that we see offer this to the models that are built. This is part of what makes the models […]

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Audi Shows up in Paris

The Audi Q5 is the midsize crossover SUV that we’ve enjoyed having on the market for the past several years. This SUV is one that brings a look and feel to the lineup that fits more of our driving needs than most in its class. As the 2016 Paris Motor Show is now put behind […]

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Soon, Very Soon

Currently the only car shoppers who can enjoy an over 200 mile range from a single charge in a vehicle are those who can afford to buy the Tesla Model S and in the past the Tesla Roadster. The problem is most of the world is left out of the equation, which would be fine […]

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It’s Time for a Road Trip

Cars that are made for the open road make a distinctly American feel to them, even those that are designed and built in Europe.  With two oceans as our shoreline many Americans talk about and take road trips each year in order to go forth and see what this amazing country has to offer.  A […]

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V10 Power Lives On

In the modern era there seems to be a transition to the less powerful engines on many models in an effort to create lower emissions and use much less of the fossil fuels still left on this planet.  Look at the direction the state of California is going; if the legislature passes there the residents […]

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