Initial Quality in Every Segment

The vehicle you choose should be one that you’re going to be able to trust for several years. This starts with having a serious level of initial quality during the beginning of your ownership period. With this in mind, here are some more award winners from J. D. Power and Associates for initial quality in […]

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The Best 2017 Had to Offer

2017 saw some notable highlights from carmakers like, Honda, Dodge, Tesla, Mercedes Benz, and more. We’ll look at some of the best 2017 models that were made. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past year when it comes to what is acceptable for a car and what isn’t. It’s always a lot of […]

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A Luxury SUV Comparison

Have you heard of the Mercedes-Benz GLC or the Land Rover Discovery Sport? You probably hear the name Land Rover Discovery, but the Discovery Sport is a completely new SUV that replaces the old LR2 and the GLC is a new version of the GLK to give the C-Class more recognition than ever before. While […]

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Mercedes-Benz Talks EV

As a company that hasn’t yet fully embraced an EV in its lineup, although there are some hybrid models, Mercedes-Benz has looked at the numbers and gives us information that both makes sense and seems pretty obvious. In a recent discussion with Dieter Zetsche, head of Daimler, the range for an EV to be considered […]

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All You Need to Add is a Driver

For the limousine companies out there and the wealthy among us there is a name that is fully synonymous with quality, style and the height of luxury driving. That name is Maybach and this name is now back on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan to now give us the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class sedan that is designed to […]

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