How did the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Change?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been admired for most of the decade as the leader when it comes to the height of luxury.  Used as a chauffeur car or as a great daily driver this large and looming sedan has been the signature of the finest in comfort on the road and performance around the turns to allow us to have a car that is filled with features that will impress anyone, but this car has redesigned midway through the generation to offer us more of what we love and less of what we don’t.

When you look at the new S-Class it may not appear to have changed at all.  The reason for that is the powertrains, suspension, style and look all remain for this model.  The changes you see come in a more subtle form, but a form that will certainly impress and amaze you.  These changes you will receive when you purchase the S-Class for your chauffeur to driver you around show up in the form of a myriad of great electronics to make this car one that has the latest and greatest technology on hand for your enjoyment and connectivity pleasure.

Adding the electronics should create an area that needs to be completely modernized and more sterile, right?  Not at all, the S-Class is still a car that offers you the most supple and seductive styling on the inside to make you want to step in and curl up in a ball for a nap.  While you can enjoy the awesome comfort, if you drive this car yourself you will enjoy the fact the S-Class has every piece of technology imaginable short of driving itself.  With the driver’s information suite of aids your ride will be informative and elegant when inside the S-Class.

I don’t mean to make the S-Class sound like a slow moving sedan that is only meant to drive you around; it’s certainly not that at all.  You can enjoy a fantastic ride and take on a canyon run or head out for a power ride with the dynamics of the engine and suspension of this awesome car.  This, however, is not where the S-Class has been updated and altered, but you will be able to have the driving excitement you want to make sure you can fully enjoy your amazing luxury car that is made to be the top player on the market.

Is the S-Class too full of technology?  Of course driving purists are going to say “yes” but the reality is in our connected world of today and the younger buyers of these high priced luxury models, this car has the tech than will become expected of every luxury model going forward.  If you are looking for a car that can impress your clients, be a great daily driver, and have every piece of automotive technology you can imagine, the S-Class makes the right choice.  Let your imagination be blown away by the features and equipment offered on the S-Class which is made to be a sophisticated and modern ride.

01.15.16 - 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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