It Must Be Halloween Again

At the very least it should be time for Halloween and the resurrection of some car models that have long gone away.  Possibly that is an Easter reference, but I digress.  We have seen cars come and go over the years and models that make it and some that don’t.  Unfortunately there are several models that should have been kept going and allowed to continue to develop into some of the most dynamic offerings we have ever seen, but they went on toward extinction as well.  For your consideration, here are ten cars that really should make a comeback on the automobile market for us to enjoy.

Tesla Roadster – The Tesla Roadster was one awesome looking sports car and with the battery technology of today there is no reason we couldn’t enjoy a Roadster with the Ludicrous Mode on it.  Tesla seems to be ready to offer more than just some people movers that are the height of electrically powered luxury and now might be the right time to see the Roadster make a complete comeback.  Imagine a two-seater sports car that doesn’t have room for extra stuff but is meant for an awesome ride on any road, all with EV power only.

Volkswagen Van – The VW van which was referred to as a microbus appears to be ready to make a comeback in EV form.  If it helps at all I put my vote to this beauty coming back as well.  As much as this was a clunky van, there wasn’t a better way to camp out and have a lot of fun, especially at an early age when you didn’t have much money.  Nostalgia aside, an EV model would be cool for this purpose and give us an environmentally friendly way to have a great experience.

Toyota Supra – This is going to be most people’s first choice for a resurrection as this car gained favor with just about anyone that has a heartbeat for a fast car.  As a favorite of tuners this car would make for an amazing comeback and could be the car that gives us once again an affordable sports car that can be tuned to insane power levels to offer some of the best racing in a street legal car we have seen.  Supposedly we will eventually have the FT-1 as the successor, but so far that is only in the design phase and has not made it to the concept part just yet.

Pontiac Aztek – Even though this wasn’t everyone’s favorite vehicle on the market it was an SUV that gave us a style that could only be described as unconventional before different was cool.  When you look at some of the “toaster” shaped vehicles we seem to fall in love with today there is no reason the Aztek couldn’t make a comeback under the GM or Chevrolet name.  With some of the medium-sized crossovers we see now this would have been a great SUV to have on one of the platforms to offer something a little different.

Jeep Wagoneer – Obviously this vehicle has been gone a while, but it could easily make a great comeback.  The Wagoneer was the first luxury SUV ever, offering good equipment and the visibility that made it a vehicle anyone could love.  Not only was this an SUV that was comfortable to ride in, it was tough as could be and would plow through the snow, mud, rain or whatever else Mother Nature has it mind.  In fact, she is probably the only one who would not want to see this vehicle make a comeback on any market.

Chevrolet El Camino – Even though this looked like a car and truck were blended the El Camino in SS mode was a serious muscle car.  This beauty could haul stuff like a truck and do a burnout on the road to impress your buddies.  In today’s market the El Camino could play well as a small truck that is even smaller than the midsized trucks which would give us the ability to drive a car that had the hauling and carrying power of a truck.  This would certainly give us better overall fuel efficiency than we see on the midsized trucks as well; it certainly seems like a win all around.

Buick Grand National GNX – This car absolutely needs to make a comeback.  The Grand National has similar clout in the car world as the Toyota Supra to give us the engines we want and the power and performance we desire from a car that was built to be a racing machine hidden in a 1980s coupe body.  Using a V6 or a V8 engine the Grand National had the ability to be fun and exciting; a comeback car might share the same engine and platform as the current Cadillac ATS-V.

Mazda RX7 – This car could start a full out riot if it was brought back as so many people would want to drive them.  Yes, most of us want a car to have some fuel efficiency, but would give that up for the rotary engine that once found its way into the bay of this gorgeous and amazing sports car.  Adding the technology of today of this car could make it a bit more efficient, but even if it doesn’t, so what, no one bought this car for efficiency, they wanted it for the performance which it delivered in amazing ways.

Ford Bronco – As the only real threat to the Jeep Wrangler the Bronco should have never been deleted from the lineup at Ford.  There are very few two-door SUVs to offer a shorter wheelbase for real off road capabilities.  Thankfully we are supposed to see this truck return to action in 2020 if the proposed UAW contract is approved.  Yes, this truck can be drive on the roads, but it certainly was more comfortable on ranches and farms as well as trekking the outdoors with the capabilities it offered.  This will be another vehicle we would buy in bulk once again if/when it shows back up.

Acura Integra Type R – As a front-wheel drive sports car that made 195 horsepower this was a car that could be driven every day and taken to the track for lots of great fun.  This was an expensive vehicle at the time, but it certainly had the performance to give us a great ride and a look that was fun.  Right now we will have the Civic Type R, which should easily give us the Integra Type R as well; it can easily be built on the same platform for us to love.

Bring them back I say!  These cars, trucks and SUVs need to be brought back to the world we live in to be the vehicles we get to enjoy once again.  All ten of these vehicles were replaced by something else for one reason or another, but they would all play well in today’s market and give us the look and drive that brings back memories and the performance we want.  While a couple of these are planned for reinstatement, it may take more than me shouting from the rooftops to get the rest of them back on the dealer lots; who’s with me?

01.09.16 - Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

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