The Best 2017 Had to Offer

2017 saw some notable highlights from carmakers like, Honda, Dodge, Tesla, Mercedes Benz, and more. We’ll look at some of the best 2017 models that were made. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past year when it comes to what is acceptable for a car and what isn’t. It’s always a lot of […]

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How Many Miles Can You Drive?

For many years the idea of driving a vehicle for 100,000 miles was a serious accomplishment but today this is nearly a minimum number of miles you can expect. With more automakers adding longer powertrain warranties to their models than ever before there are many vehicles that can now last for as many as twice […]

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When is There Too Much Torque?

When you’re discussing the power numbers of a vehicle to an enthusiast, the numbers can never be too large. Horsepower and torque are the two items that we want in our cars, especially if we plan to drag race them. While we can admire impressive torque numbers for a ca, there is a time when […]

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