Make it the Giulia

If you’re tired of the standard and mundane luxury cars on the market, its time for you to be the only one in your neighborhood with an Alfa Romeo. This brand brings you the Giulia which is the luxury sports sedan that will take on the market and offer you the drive you’re looking for. […]

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A New Investment from FCA

While our priority is to see what brands and companies are offering in the US, many of the companies that offer the vehicles we drive have a global approach. None is more true to this than the team at FCA. As the name of Fiat Chrysler Automotive suggests, there are many markets in which the […]

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A New Giulia Already

For those of us in the US, the Giulia is a new model on the market that hasn’t even allowed the paint to dry before coming out with a new vehicle to add to the lineup. As far as Alfa Romeo is concerned, we needn’t concern ourselves at all with this car since it will […]

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