A New Investment from FCA

While our priority is to see what brands and companies are offering in the US, many of the companies that offer the vehicles we drive have a global approach. None is more true to this than the team at FCA. As the name of Fiat Chrysler Automotive suggests, there are many markets in which the FCA vehicles can find success and one of them is in the home area of Italy. A new investment of $5.7 billion in the Italian factories has been announced to bring a stronger lineup to FCA and ramp up the production of the factories that are being underutilized.

A New Alfa Romeo Model

As part of the FCA family, Alfa Romeo has enjoyed a resurgence in many markets, including the US market. Recently, the company announced there will be a new Alfa Romeo SUV added to the lineup that’s based on the Jeep Compass architecture. This SUV doesn’t have a name yet, but it will be offered as a plug-in hybrid and it will be built in Pomigliano, Italy. So far, we don’t know if this SUV will be offered in the US, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to have this vehicle slotted below the current Stelvio.

Improvements for the Fiat Brand

The Fiat brand will introduce a new battery-electric 500 model that will be built in Turin and in the same Pomigliano plant as the new Alfa Romeo SUV. This new model will be offered as a mild hybrid version of the Panda city car. There will likely be a new 500X that will gain a PHEV model in the lineup as well. There have been rumors of a “baby” Jeep to slot below the Renegade in the market, but nothing has been announced or made official for this model yet.

Alfa Romeo being used for Maserati

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio platform will be the foundation for a new SUV from Maserati that will likely be similar in size and performance to the Stelvio. This is another model that has yet to gain a name but it will be built in the Modena plant. This is the plant that will also offer us the new Maserati Alfieri coupe and convertible models that could make their way to the market as battery-electric models as well. This could spell a significant improvement in the offerings of Maserati.

An Investment in the Future

This new $5.7 billion investment is in the future of the FCA lineup to give us more of the hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV models that will make up a lot of what we see in the future on the road. Hopefully, most of these models will make their way to the North American market to give us the drive we want and the qualities that make sense when it’s time for us to have an impressive luxury model with the EV or hybrid driving personality that we want for our future on the road.

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