More Fun in a Cadillac

You might not think that you’re going to find fun and excitement at your nearby Cadillac dealership, but the fact is, if you drive the 2020 Cadillac CT6-V, you’ll have an impressive car that’s exciting and fun for you. This car is the flagship, Cadillac CT6, with a high-powered engine to give you more of […]

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How Many Miles Can You Drive?

For many years the idea of driving a vehicle for 100,000 miles was a serious accomplishment but today this is nearly a minimum number of miles you can expect. With more automakers adding longer powertrain warranties to their models than ever before there are many vehicles that can now last for as many as twice […]

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An Increase in Visibility

Automakers know what we want our vehicles to look like. A sporty front end that slopes up gently to the roof and then rakes back to the rear in a complete arc is about as attractive as you will ever find on any vehicle. In order to offer us the lines and appearance we want […]

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