When You Love Diesel Power

Even though diesel power has grown to have a foul reputation in the recent years, it’s still a fuel used in the US and with some new models being offered in the North American market, and it’s a fuel that continues to thrive. There are still several vehicles you can choose when you want to […]

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Ten Favorites Configured Right

You hear about the most popular choices in cars each and every year but sometimes you go to the dealership and you don’t get the configuration that will offer the most benefit from the car.  Whether it’s because you can only afford the base price model or because you aren’t really sure what the right […]

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The Pickup List

Back in the early nineties, Joe Diffie crooned the lines, “I’ve got an eight foot bed that never has to be made; you know if it weren’t for trucks, we wouldn’t have tailgates.” An ode to what was previously known as a workman’s vehicle, the pickup truck has evolved into a stylish and sporty vehicle […]

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