Drive a Fiat that Turns Heads

Drive a Fiat that Turns Heads Are you looking for a car that brings you the fun and active drive you want to enjoy when you get behind the wheel? If you’re looking for a small and active roadster that has a convertible top and the quickness to make driving fun, you’ll want to choose […]

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A New Investment from FCA

While our priority is to see what brands and companies are offering in the US, many of the companies that offer the vehicles we drive have a global approach. None is more true to this than the team at FCA. As the name of Fiat Chrysler Automotive suggests, there are many markets in which the […]

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Another Celebration

Unless you’re an avid Fiat follower you might not realize the Fiat 500 is celebrating its 60th anniversary. This little car has been one we’ve loved to drive for its small and simple good looks and it’s easy to enjoy driving manners. Now that this model has reached the completion of six decades on the […]

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A Segment Comparison

What is the fastest-growing segment in the automotive world?  If you answered with the compact crossover SUV segment you would be 100 percent correct.  Not all of these smaller crossovers come with AWD, but for the purpose of comparison and finding out which one has the best off road ability six have been chosen to […]

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Finally Getting some Respect

As the actor Rodney Dangerfield once said famously “Its awful hard to get any respect around here” and for some vehicles that is certainly the case.  So often we fall in love with one particular car or the way a certain SUV is built that we forget about some of the others that may be […]

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