The Car Collection that’s Made for Every Car Enthusiast

When you think about a person that collects cars you typically picture someone that has between ten and thirty cars that are kept in storage with no miles on them and the hope that these cars will eventually increase in value as an investment. These are normally high end sports car that gets auctioned off years later for a much higher price than was paid for the car initially. This means there are cars being sheltered and never touched or driven that are kept in pristine condition around the world that never need to be worked on.

There is one car collector that may have one of the largest collections in the world and is a person that not only knows all about the cars he collects but also has driven the cars he has at his garage. Jay Leno is one of the most famous people in the world. As a successful comedian and the host of The Tonight Show for many years, Leno has been collecting cars all his life and has put a lot of time, effort, and money into his massive car collection which he can describe and review like a loving parent.

The collection that Jay Leno has built covers a variety of different garages and warehouse style settings that are filled with cars and motorcycles of all sorts and from every era that you can imagine. Leno has collected nearly all the cars that have been built and have some type of interest at all. You could see a McLaren P1, Tesla Model S, a McLaren F1 and a Mercedes-McLaren SLR all sitting together in one area to give you a look at some high priced cars that are gorgeous and amazing to look at that would also be fun to drive.

In other areas you may see older model trucks, bikes from every era, a restored tank car that uses a tank engine to power it and a variety of the typical models that you would expect. Muscle cars, sports cars and restored classics fill the different garages and warehouses that make up Jay Leno’s area. He has his own staff to help maintain and fix these cars and motorcycles and some of them are displayed in a variety of levels of disrepair as if they are part of a larger to-do list that needs to get done in the near future.
One of the most interesting aspects of what this collection has to offer is the fact that Leno himself has driven every one of the cars he owns. He knows all about them and how they feel on the road and most of these supercharged and pumped up models has been the vehicle that he uses for everyday driving. This is the collection that has inspired his YouTube series and has become a regular feature for you to check out what this famous host can show off and share with the world that we can all be amazed at.


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