A Big Number for the Little Sports Car We Love

When you think of some of the highest performing sports car models on the road, one of the top performing brands over the years has been that of Porsche. This brand has become the icon of sports and the 911 the most recognizable of the brand. Put this fact together with the reality that a one millionth version of the 911 has recently crossed the assembly line and become part of the collection that will live a life at the company museum in Stuttgart, Germany, and you have something seriously special to celebrate.

This model that has recently been completed is painted in a gorgeous Irish Green paint and is a Carrera S model that will never be driven and will never be sold, much like some of the other models around the world that have made it to this number. This Porsche 911 will make a world tour before it stays at the plant museum. This car will be shown in the Scottish Highlands, take a lap or two at Nurburgring, tour the US and even be shown off in China before finally resting and remaining at the plant museum.

The man who was part of the original development team and one of the founders of this brand, Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, was on hand for this production. This car began 54 years ago and he was able to take his first trips in the car and now the car is just as enjoyable today as it was back when the original was being built. Last year nearly 8,900 version of the 911 were built and sold and over the years it’s said that 70 percent of the Porsche vehicles built are still on the road which means there are 700,000 911 models that are still able to be driven.

Last year Porsche sold more vehicles than it ever had in the past. The total number came to 32,365 of which more of the two crossover models were sold than the sports cars by far. Over the history of this brand, the 911 is credited with more than half of the 30,000 race wins that have been captured by this brand. This makes driving one of the one million 911 models that have been built a special occurrence for those that own this car and enjoy the ride on the roads.

The 911 is now built alongside the 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster at the Zuffenhausen plant. This is where we see the sports car technology continue to improve year after year to give us the idea of what this brand has meant and what it will continue to mean for us on the market.

Keep an eye out for the schedule of the one millionth Porsche 911 sports car as it tours the US and shows us what makes this car such as special one to have made it all these years. As a model that was never built for volume, this is truly a special occasion that to 54 years to reach.

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