The Dodge Challenger Demon will be a Bargain

The news is out and the Demon made its way to the stage at the New York Auto Show to give us a look at what we’ve been expecting for several weeks. This new hyper performance car shows itself as the most powerful car in the arsenal of Dodge and it’s expected to be a relatively inexpensive car by the standards of the price for each horsepower you enjoy on this amazing machine. That’s excellent news for anyone who wants to make the Demon the car they will take to the track.

While there was not actual hard number regarding the price when the request was put to the Dodge boss, Tim Kuniskis who hinted at what the price could be and what it wouldn’t be. Even though this is a car that’s built with an evil name and has a heart filled with menace, the Demon is a sports car that will offer us the performance we want at a nearly angelic price. Even though Kuniskis wouldn’t specify what the price would be this car won’t cost six figures and that was about all he would tell us regarding the actual price of this new sports car.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is based off the Hellcat which boasted 707 horsepower but the Demon will bring you a full 840 ponies under the hood. This is a car that’s built to be faster in a straight line than nearly every other car that has come before it. That’s a lot to expect of a car that won’t cost $100,000 or more, but certainly is a welcome way to feel about the Demon that will give us the ride we want when we want to simply have the most acceleration on the track and a seat grabbing good ride.

If somehow the Dodge Demon costs as much as $99,999 it will still be a bargain considering the insane performance this car has to offer. The only car that can match the Demon for the run to sixty mph is the Tesla Model S P100D which is a car that starts out at $135,000 making the Demon the bargain of the two. If you can make the ride to sixty mph in 2.3 seconds and spend as much as $35,000 less, which car are you going to choose for the amazing ride to reach this level so quickly?

On the other hand, there is a car that costs as much as what fourteen of the Demon models will cist that can’t touch the time the Demon can demonstrate. The Ferrari LaFerrari costs $1.4 million and offers us 949 horsepower but it isn’t cable of the same speed that the Demon gives you. Of course the name along garners it the high cost, but when you see the two working side by side and find out the Demon can reach a quarter mile in only 9.65 seconds while the LaFerrari cannot, it should be an easy choice to choose the Demon.

While we don’t know exactly what the Demon will cost and there might be some additions that need to be made in the name of comfort, this is a car that shows up with more of what we want. More speed and better numbers at a lower price make this new Demon a car that’s easily one of the most sinfully exciting cars for you to choose when you want a car that has the power to back up its name. Are you ready to drive this insane sports car and let it be the track brute that you’ve always wanted? If so, get ready because it’s coming.

05.31.17 - Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

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