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For the driver limousine companies out there and the wealthy among us there is a name that is fully synonymous with quality, style and the height of luxury driving. That name is Maybach and this name is now back on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan to now give us the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class sedan that is designed to be a car you want to be driven around in. When you are one who can afford to hire a chauffeur that is all you will have to provide when you choose this car as the one you make your daily ride to the office or just for the fun of being driven around.

The Maybach as its aptly named is a car that offers you the ultra-luxury features and elegance you expect from a car that is high class and perfectly built. This S600 sized sedan may not look quite as impressive as a stretch limousine, but the reality is this car is one of the most impressive for individual riding and enjoyment. You can relax and recline in the back seat or you can invite a perspective business partner into this rear seat area to hash out the next great deal the two of you will participate in together.

The back seat of this car is called the super seats and offers larger and more comfortable seats than what is found in the typical S-Class. The leg room is twice as large and the seats recline while also offering deployable foot rests. These seats will massage you in a way that is based on the hot stone principles of massage and you can sit back and lay your head on the comfortable pillows which are included in this area of the car. You will also enjoy the aromatherapy feature of this car which puts the scent of Agarwood into the car which is the main ingredient in the $1,000 bill.

The sunroof of this car offers a Magic Sky Control feature. This feature allows the glass to be changed from a light tint that lets in the light to a dark tint to give you a darkened area to take an afternoon snooze should you choose to do so. Once you have the lighting the way you want it you should enjoy a drink from the bar that features silver champagne flutes form Robbe & Berking which is known to be the finest silversmiths in the world. To keep your drink from spilling these cupholders offer clips for these specially made glasses. While sipping on your champagne you can enjoy the sounds that will come out of the Burmester sound system that makes every note clearer and gives you the communication system you want. this system even offers the passive intercom feature so you can more easily talk to your chauffeur.

Ride comfort is one of the most important features of this high class luxury vehicle and it offers the Magic Body Control with Road Surface Scan which watches the road ahead to react to bumps and potholes in a way that allows you to enjoy the smoothest ride possible. we wouldn’t want to see a mishap with your drink whether it be the champagne or something a little more pedestrian that you choose to drink.

It seems the word “magic” appears a few times in regards to this awesome car and maybe that is what a limousine company should advertise, a magical night with their driver in charge. Whether this car is for you and your business or for your individual enjoyment on the road there is no doubt you can’t beat the quiet, comfortable and pampering ride in the Mercedes-Maybach S600 which leaves no doubt as to the level of success you have achieved.

02.23.16 - 2016 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600

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