Did You Know You Can Own and Actual Humvee?

Hummer had the H1 which was built off the Humvee model that is used by the military, but was made for life on the road by wealthy and adventurous buyers. While this was a short-lived product line that eventually went away due to the gasoline prices going up and the need to have more vehicles that are friendly to the environment the desire to drive a Hummer H1 still lingered. The basis vehicle, the Humvee has since become obsolete because the military has embraced a new vehicle platform called the Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to be the right choice for their needs.

With the Humvee heading toward extinction it seemed they were destined for disposal by the military, which means chopping them down and letting them be sold for scrap, but there may be some saving grace for these vehicles after all. IronPlanet which is an online heavy-equipment auction site, bid on the rights to be the company to dispose of these vehicles in a different way. They convinced the government to allow them to sell the vehicles at auction instead of scrapping them, which inevitably brings more money to the government than the scrap metal would.

What does this mean? You can now purchase a Humvee to be part of your collection and give you a vehicle that is absolutely made for the challenges of outdoors and has been made to have guns firing at your, which hopefully you will not have to experience anywhere you choose to drive your Humvee. So far, IronPlanet has been able to auction off about 2,500 of these Humvees that have been taken out of commission by the military, giving these new owners a vehicle they want to be able to drive in search of the roughest patch of terrain possible to see exactly how this vehicle can perform.

The Humvee doesn’t fit in as a vehicle you should buy if you live in a city and hardly ever leave, nor will it be a great daily driver for you as it is a rough riding vehicle that doesn’t have ride comfort in mind at all. Some states may even make it difficult for you to license this big brute because of different regulations that are in place. Even though IronPlanet now is able to issue a Form 97 with each one sold (this is the US Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle) the challenge of being able to actually license your Humvee falls squarely on your shoulders.

Earlier models carried in the 6.2-liter diesel V8 engine and later ones beefed it up to a 6.5-liter engine. The paint scheme of each one gives you an idea of where that vehicle may have served with later models showing the desert sand paint scheme. IronPlanet will give you an oil sample analysis, but that is the best assurance you are going to get. Most of these vehicles sell for under $20,000 which means it may be worth taking a chance on a vehicle that can absolutely tackle any terrain on the planet.

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