7 Reasons Why the Audi RS7 Could Be Your Dream Car

When you’re looking for a car that is a luxury sedan, sporty performance machine, and family car, the Audi RS7 is what you want to drive.

The RS7 could be one of the last Audis with a powerful V8 engine under the hood, offering you the perfect blend of practicality and power that can make your track days more fun. Whether you schedule time at the local track or you’re ready to bring some power to the road, this Audi offers the right package for your enjoyable ride.

Here are seven reasons the Audi RS7 could be the right blend of everything you want in a car.

1. The RS7 looks ready for some fun

The high-performance version of the A7 is the RS7. Although most Audis, including the A7, bring a subdued styling language to the mix, the RS7 takes things to a new level. This high-powered performance sedan has wide fenders and oversized bumper inlets for better airflow and a wider stance. This sporty top-level sedan also has a retractable rear spoiler to add downforce when required, giving this car a much more aggressive appearance, and making this a car that’s ready for some serious fun.

2. An advanced AWD system

The Audi Quattro AWD system is legendary in the automotive world and continues to improve with every new model that hits the market. The new Audi RS7 comes with the latest version of this system, including a sport rear differential to aid in acceleration when driving through a corner. This system also sends more power to the outside rear wheel to help you bring more speed to and through the corners, which improves your overall performance on the road and track.

3. Those Audi rear lights are incredible

The RS7 brings a cool set of rear LED lights that offer a seamless and signature looks to this car. The modern display is sporty and fun, with a start-up sequence that’s unique to this Audi. Heads will turn when these lights show off their sequence when you start the car. The headlights are also impressive Matrix LEDs that automatically detect oncoming traffic to adjust to ensure other drivers aren’t blinded by your lights. The front and rear lights are impressive and give the RS7, and amazing appearance.

4. Excellent power for the RS7

Most sports sedans of today utilize smaller engines than before, but the Audi RS7 retains a more traditional build and look with a large 4.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 591 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. The power is sent to the wheels through an excellent 8-speed automatic transmission which makes this one of the most powerful Audis in the lineup. In addition to the powertrain setup, you’ll find dynamic driving modes to ensure you have the driving system that’s right for the road or track.

5. Pure luxury from the Audi interior

The cabin area of the Audi RS7 brings you the premium build and impressive features desired. This car has tons of leather and soft-touch materials throughout the cabin. You’ll find massaging seats, multi-zone climate controls, and a large touchscreen for the infotainment system. You’ll find two screens in the center console, giving you the infotainment and climate settings desired. Once you step inside, it’s easy to admire the pure luxury found in the RS7s cabin.

6. Safety tech makes this a family sedan

The Audi RS7 blends driving performance, luxury qualities, and sporty handling together in a large family sedan. This Audi has some of the top safety features offered, including adaptive cruise control, park distance control sensors, surround-view cameras, and a remote park assist feature. This parking feature allows you to park the RS7 from outside the car, making it easy to put it in the right spot without being inside the car. When you do this, onlookers will certainly be impressed with what your car can do.

7. Dual-pipe exhaust system design

Audi brings an impressive and sporty setup to the exhaust system in this high-performance machine. The RS7’s dual exhaust system offers an impressive style that makes it one of the most enticing aspects of this car. Very few other automakers bring such an impressive look and sound to the exhaust packable. The dual rear exhaust in the RS7 is legendary and brings a sporty sound to the mix, giving this car the glorious sounds that start in the V8 engine and come out of the two pipes.

Will the Audi RS7 become the luxury sports sedan you love to drive? It brings a little of everything for every driver.

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