3 Used Cars to Avoid at All Costs

Buying a used car is one of the best ways to save money when you need a vehicle, but not all used cars are created equal. While there are many makes and models available that will go for years and miles, there are also some that are highly likely to bring you nothing but trouble. If you’re in the market for a vehicle and don’t want to find yourself regretting your decision to buy a used one instead of a new one, make sure to avoid these three used cars at all costs.

Ford EcoSport

While there are some excellent options in the subcompact SUV market, the Ford EcoSport doesn’t make the cut. It’s small, making it easy to maneuver, and the cargo space is impressive for its class, but other than these benefits, the EcoSport doesn’t have much to offer. One complaint from many drivers is about the ride quality. Its firm suspension bumps and jostles its passengers all about in the cabin, and the engine’s lack of power makes acceleration slow.

Backseat passengers in the EcoSport will have a hard time finding a comfortable position. Not only are the accommodations tight, but the seatbacks sit more upright than other small cars.

Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is a midsize SUV. It has three rows of seats and room for up to seven people. The Journey is not Dodge’s best work. For a company known for its powerful and iconic American-made cars, the Journey falls short. It first arrived in 2009 as its first crossover, but other than the low price, it never offered drivers much to get excited about.

There are a few years to really watch out for if you’re shopping for used cars and come across the Journey. 2009 is the worst model year in terms of the number of complaints when it comes to repair costs and the low number of miles when problems start to occur. The Journey has two engine options. The first is a four-cylinder with lackluster power, and the second is a V-6 that guzzles gas. Inside, the materials feel cheap. The 2010 is also a model year to look out for, along with the 2020, which has the same engine and a cramped cargo area.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The compact Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is fuel efficient and easy to drive, but before choosing to buy a used model, consider some of its big flaws that you just shouldn’t ignore. A used Mitsubishi will cost more than it’s worth considering the features and equipment you’ll get, and the repair costs, even with the new model years, can be upwards of $7,000.

The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is one of the model years to avoid at all costs. It has a four-cylinder engine that only gets you 152 horsepower, and the CVT that it works with has trouble getting the small SUV up to speed.

There are lots of good used cars out there, you just need to make sure you do your research before signing on the dotted line and driving one home. If you avoid the used cars on this list, you are off to a good start.


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