Ford Grand Adventure: The Ford Rangers Journey to Dakar Glory

The Dakar Rally is one of the last real adventures in motorsport. After over a decade and a half of watching from the sidelines, Ford is gearing up to take on this monster of a race in 2024 with their trusty Ford Ranger. Ford partnered up with M-Sport and Neil Woolridge Motorsport to launch a factory team and secure their first Dakar win. Their multi-year strategy starts with a rally-raid Ranger in 2022 to get the lay of the land. Then in 2023, they’ll bring the big guns – the Ford Ranger Raptor T1+ to try and grab that victory.

Rushbrook: “We’re Here to Learn…and Maybe Win A Little”

Head honcho of Ford Performance Motorsports, Mark Rushbrook, says Ford is at Dakar to gain experience, but if they happen to win, that’s ok too. Rushbrook knows victories require teamwork, so he brought expert outfits M-Sport and NWM into the fold. Together, Rushbrook believes they can conquer the dunes of the Middle East. If nothing else, they’ll get first-hand knowledge of how the Ford Ranger handles rough terrain off the beaten path.

The Ford Ranger Raptor T1+ – Built for Dakar Domination

When Ford’s Ranger Raptor T1+ debuts in 2025, it’ll face tough competition in the elite T1+ class like Nasser Al-Attiyah’s Hilux and Audi’s wild e-Tron. But Ford didn’t come to Dakar to make friends. They came to show off what it can do and take home a trophy.

Ford’s Game Plan for Victory

Ford’s dip into Dakar’s waters in 2024 is a recon mission. They plan to “finish and learn” so they can mount a real challenge in 2025. They’ll also compete in Spain’s Baja Aragón rally and Morocco’s Rally du Maroc to train for Dakar.

Locked and Loaded for 2025


Armed with knowledge from 2024, Ford and Rushbrook are going on the attack in 2025. They’ll spend all of 2024 prepping an all-new Ford Ranger Raptor to bring to Dakar. Ford’s ready to battle for that top spot but isn’t in a hurry to get there.

Dakar: Where Trucks and Drivers Go for Glory

Dakar is a long, brutal test of speed, skill, and endurance. The 2023 route starts on the Red Sea, crosses mountains and sand dunes and ends in Damman. At 9,000 km, it’ll be the longest course in years and push competitors to their limits.

The Road Ahead

Ford’s Dakar entry marks a new chapter of their racing history. With the Ford Ranger in 2024 and Ranger Raptor in 2025, Ford Performance is poised to make a splash at the world’s most grueling motorsport. The road to Dakar glory is tough, but Ford has the strategy, partners, and drive to realize their desert racing dreams.


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