Which Three-Row SUV is Right For You, the Honda Pilot or Mazda CX-90?

While you can categorize specific vehicles as SUVs, there’s a lot of variety in the automotive market these days that can make it hard to pick just any SUV.

What kind of size, power, features, and safety technology are you looking for? How do you know which models to consider?

Before you head to a Mazda or Honda dealer, check out the Honda Pilot vs. Mazda CX-90 comparison below to learn just how different SUVs can be.

Mazda’s Pomp and Circumstance, Honda’s Practicality

Knowing what your needs are and how each SUV fits them is the most important thing to consider when comparing SUVs.

That means looking at the design and purpose of the Honda Pilot and Mazda CX-90 is the essential first step in this comparison.

The Honda Pilot was designed for power and practicality – able to take on rough off-road adventures and haul thousands of pounds. It primarily uses darker exterior colors and has a boxy, utility-focused design with a big front grille, sturdy tires, and roof rails.

The Mazda CX-90 is all about style and luxury. It’s got a smooth shape, modest external features to help it keep a streamlined look, and plenty of stand-out exterior color options for anyone from cool night drivers to daily commuters who want to stand out on the highway.

A Multitude of Trims For Every Occasion

Now that we know about the main purpose of the Pilot and CX-90, it’s time to consider their versatility. What else can they do for you?

Something that these two SUVs have in common is that they have more trims than expected – the Honda Pilot has six, while the Mazda CX-90 has eight.

Each one is designed with specific styles and uses in mind, from the Pilot’s adventurous Sport to the CX-90’s luxurious feature-packed Turbo S Premium.

With even the most simple details like wheel size, color, and interior pockets changing between each trim, you can customize either model to your heart’s content.

Going Head to Head in Safety and Features

Last but not least, we need to check out each SUV’s safety and tech features – remote keyless entry versus blind spot monitoring could make the ultimate difference when deciding which three-row SUV you want to take home.

The Mazda CX-90 has everything from a driver seat personalization system to a display that projects directly onto your windshield. If you want to connect to the future and all its creature comforts, the CX-90 is for you.

On the other hand, the Honda Pilot takes the cake in safety technology with the Honda Sensing suite – a group of safety and driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition that helps give you peace of mind anywhere you go.

Choosing the SUV For You

Each SUV has its strengths, so you just need to figure out which matches yours the best!

If you want a safe, rough-and-tumble, powerful SUV, go to your local Honda dealer and ask to test-drive the Honda Pilot.

But if you want style, luxury, and the latest technology, find a Mazda dealership with a new MAZDA CX-90.


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