Toyota Performance Using Force

In the everyday driving machines that we see and use on the roads from Toyota, we don’t expect to see any type of forced induction under the hood, but that doesn’t mean the performance arm of Toyota won’t offer forced power. The benefits for the typical engines that are used in the coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and pickup trucks isn’t enough to add turbocharging or supercharging because Toyota has already found its own version of advanced engine technology for these vehicles that will make them more efficient and powerful at the same time for the daily driving you enjoy.

This doesn’t mean the performance arm of Toyota won’t be ready to have the benefits of forced induction. In fact, a recent patent has been filed that allows us to know there will be both turbocharging and supercharging added to the performance models including the Supra and possibly the Lexus LC F. While Toyota isn’t taking a page out of the Volvo book, they are making full use of the benefits of both forced induction systems to provide the power needed right from the start. This system will be different from what we’ve seen on the market so far.

Significantly sportier than the flagship Toyota Corolla or Camry, the new system from Toyota will use the exhaust gasses for the turbocharger, which is normal for this part of any engine. Unfortunately, most turbochargers have to spool up and gasses have to build up before the system can be at full power. To provide you with the power you want during this “turbo lag” a supercharger is being added that’s powered by electricity to give you the performance you’re looking for until the turbocharger is at full power. This isn’t all the new system has to offer, although it certainly offers you the benefits you need to get the power you want out of the engine.

The patent that’s been filed for this system details a supercharging control device that change the supercharging modes form a single-stage to a two-stage system. The single-stage system provides forced induction from only the turbocharger, while the two-stage setting gives you both for the power you want. This device offers a bypass valve that can be engaged or disengaged depending upon the setting you choose for the driving you’re looking to receive from the car and the power you need to get around the track or down the road that you choose to drive on.

While the patent that’s been filed is specific regarding the ability to have this system that offers you either form of forced induction, it doesn’t detail any specifics regarding the engine that this system will be used for. This system will work perfectly for the cars that are part of the performance arm of Toyota and give you the ability to have the power you want when you hit the road. Hopefully, this will be part of what the new Supra has under the hood when it finally does come to market and maybe we’ll see this excellent setup in the Lexus LC F before the Supra becomes a reality.

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