Lexus Refuses To Abandon Its Coolest Models

Vehicle lineup changes are taking place with various brands, but Lexus is a brand that isn’t turning their back on the sports cars in the lineup. Most automakers are seeing slow sales for the performance models they offer and many are cutting them from the lineup. Lexus has taken a different approach to the coolest cars that it offers and will continue to redesign and upgrade them.

The Plans for the LC and RC

The two most active, energetic, and fun vehicles being offered by Lexus are the Lexus LC and the Lexus RC. While names like Mercedes-Benz will cut models including the S-Class coupe and convertible from the lineup, the LC will be upgraded through 2025 to continue to give us the fun and power we love. The RC will likely continue on longer with a full refresh in the 2024 model that will offer you the performance you love.

Adding More Coolness to the Lexus Brand

The 2021 model year will introduce us to a new Lexus LX Convertible that will give us a new option for this car. The LC lineup will consist of a V8-powered coupe and convertible along with a V6 hybrid that offers you the pleasure of driving a car that saves fuel while giving you amazing power for the drive.

Plenty of Power in the Lexus RC

The Lexus RC will live on with the high-performance RC F which uses an impressive naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine that is shared with the LC. That V8 engine will be phased out in the near future and it likely won’t be offered in models of the RC or LC as they are redesigned and upgraded to give us the fun and performance needed to give you the active ride you’ll enjoy.

A New Lexus Engine Will Arrive

Because the current V8 engine offered at Lexus is becoming a dinosaur, Lexus has been working on a new engine that will be offered in the future. Currently, they are in the final development stages of a new twin-turbocharged V8 with a 4.0-liter displacement. This new engine is expected to offer nearly 600 horsepower for the fun and active drive. The current V8 reaches 470 horsepower, so the new one will be much more powerful.

Sales are Slow but Lexus is Fine

Both the Lexus LC and RC have had slow sales over the past year, but that seems to be just fine. The LC sold at a rate of 1,219 models last year with the RC showing up at 4,591 models being sold. Both cars have declined in sales over the past few years, but that hasn’t stopped the Lexus brand from developing new technology and engines for them.

We will continue to see the Lexus sports cars being sold, and that’s something we can celebrate. With plans to continue onward, it’s possible these luxury sports cars from Lexus will be better than they’ve ever been as the new technology is developed and used.

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