Lexus Reveals Regatta Edition of the LC Convertible and It’s Beautiful

A new version of the Lexus LC is being offered and it’s simply amazing. This new version is called the Regatta Edition and it will be offered in both convertible and coupe body styles to make it easy for you to have the look you want. This version of the performance car is made to rival some of the most luxurious performance cars in the market and make driving around more enjoyable for you.

Let the Wind Take Over

If you want the feeling of the wind in your hair while you enjoy a bit of warm air on the back of your neck, the Lexus LC Regatta Edition will be the perfect car for you. Choose the convertible model and enjoy driving along the coastline during the sunset. You’ll feel like you’re in a painting when you take this car out and find the most scenic drives in your area.

The Lexus LC Regatta Edition is Marina Inspired


The interior of this Lexus LC is covered in white leather that appears to have been taken directly from a high-priced yacht. This area is meticulously designed to be the cabin that will let you have the comfort and feeling that you’re looking for during your drive. This marina design allows you to feel like you’ refloating on air. Both the feeling and the name, Regatta Edition, make sense with the marina theme.

Plenty of Power for the Drive

The power you’ll find in the Lexus LC Regatta Edition is the same as what you find in the original LC. This is a strong 5.0-liter V8 engine and a set of electric motors that give you 471 horsepower. You’ll also see a redline at 7,300 rpm, giving you the confidence to push this amazing car to the limit when you’re ready to take a drive.

A Limited Convertible Model for the Lexus LC Regatta Edition


The convertible model of the Lexus LC Regatta Edition is limited to only 100 models. This means you’ll have to be one of the first in line to make sure you secure this car and make it the powerful and fun sports car that you want to take home with you. This car was designed to be shown off, get ready to do that with the Lexus LC.

A Special Blue Paint

The Regatta Edition of the Lexus LC is covered in a color called Structural Blue. This paint is one that’s been meticulously crafted with several steps and over a long period of time. Just how much time and how many steps? There are twelve separate steps to applying the paint and it took eight months of development to create the color. The time was worth it, this paint is perfect for the car.

If you think you could be one of the 100 that will own a Lexus LC Regatta Edition, you need to see the team at your local Lexus dealer to find out if it is available to you. It will be a rare sight on the roads, but this new version of the Lexus LC will be a car that you won’t be able to stop admiring when you see it.

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