So Many Great Features Offered in the GMC Sierra 1500

When you’re looking at the pickup trucks being offered, there are several great options for you to find the drive, the package, and the power you want. Make sure you give the GMC Sierra 1500 a look when you’re considering a half-ton truck that can be comfortable, impressive, and ready for you to drive. This truck has a lot to offer and is considered the most luxurious of the trucks you’ll see.

Go the Denali Route

If you want to have the most of what the GMC Sierra 150 has to give you, the Denali trim is where you’re going to find the package and the qualities you’re after for the drive. Choose this model and see the various ways that it makes the drive much better for you. Get inside the GMC Sierra 1500 and make sure it has the Denali name on the side. Here are ten cool features of the Denali trim.

MultiPro Running Boards

The GMC Sierra 1500 Denali has a set of power running boards, which are pretty cool, but we’ve seen this feature before. The special factor of this item is that it has a button on the end of it that you can press and have the running boards move to the rear, toward the wheel, and give you a side step up that makes it easy for you to reach into the bed to grab items you need to take out of the inside.

MultiPro Tailgate

The tailgate of the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is called a MultiPro Tailgate and it functions in several different ways. Fold down the interior part and open the tailgate to have easier access to items in the bed. Use the step up that is part of the center item. Or use the center folding part of the bed as a cargo stop that keeps your stuff from flying out when you take a drive.

The Cargo Box

The rear cargo box area of the GMC Sierra Denali has a light in the tailgate, it has more than seven inches of additional width compared to other trucks, and it has LED lights to give you the illumination you need to be able to grab items out the bed of this truck. Even the short bed version of the Sierra allows you to carry lots of stuff when you get ready to drive.

Larger Cornerstep Rear Bumper Cutouts

While the original concept of the Cornerstep Rear Bumper made it pretty easy to get in and out, larger boots didn’t fit. GMC made this cutout area larger to make sure boots and footwear of all sizes could fit to make it much easier for you to step up and get things out of the rear of the truck. This makes the rear more useful for you.

Projection Lights on the Mirrors

The folding mirrors have lights on the back of them to allow you to have the side areas around the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali lit up when you park at night. You’ll be pleased to have this feature when you want to use your truck at night and you need to do work around it. There’s also a set of puddle lights to illuminate the area where you’re going to step when you get out.

A Massive Head-Up Display

More vehicles are being equipped with a head-up display feature and the one for the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is huge. This display measures 15 inches and it can be configured and tilted to suit your needs. You won’t miss any of the information you’re after and you won’t have to take your eyes off the road when you have this feature in the truck you drive.

Rear Camera Mirror

You won’t just have the simple view from the rearview camera projected onto the camera with this item in the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. You have some controls to change the brightness, zoom level, and tilt of the camera so that you have the view that you need when you’re driving your truck. This feature can be the most useful item for you when you let it be part of your truck.

Surround-View Camera

The surround-view camera system of the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali makes towing and parking much easier. You’ll have fifteen different views you can use including a hitch line that shows you exactly where the hitch is going so that you can hook up your trailer with ease. Forget the frustration of moving the truck a few inches each way and get hooked up the right way the first time with this truck.

The Rear Seats

Yes, the rear seats of the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali make the cut because the area is amazing. You’ll have lots of room to sit and enjoy the drive, a set of air vents in the rear, and even some storage in the seating area which opens up by swinging a small cushion in the back of the seat. Take the items you need with you and let your rear passengers feel great during the drive.

Active Ride Control

The Active Ride Control feature of the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali continually adjusts the ride to make sure you can have the smoothest feeling when you’re behind the wheel. You’ll be glad to take a ride in this truck and know that everyone can be comfortable. A set of sensors works with the suspension system to give you the feeling you want when you’re behind the wheel of this amazing truck.

Find Your GMC Sierra 1500 Today

When you’re shopping for a truck that can give you the most for the drive, you’ll want to see what the GMC Sierra 1500 has to offer. Choose the Denali trim and let this truck become the one that will take you out for a drive. It’s easy to see how many amazing items will make a difference in your driving experience and the work you need to get done when you choose this version of the truck today.

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