These Brands Know How to Make a Fantastic First Impression

When it comes to buying a new car, it’s always best to go with a winner. Tried and true automakers like Chevrolet and Nissan, among others, have a lot to offer in quality.
When you purchase a new vehicle model you don’t expect it to give you troubles, especially during the first ninety days. It’s the automaker’s job to work out the bugs and the kinks before they put it up for sale, but that doesn’t’ always happen the way it should. Thankfully, there are some brands that understand this need and have reached the top of the J. D. Power Initial Quality Study to be the best brands in the business. These are the brands you should look to if you want to avoid troubles during the first ninety days.


Tenth on the list is a brand you’ve known and trusted for many years which is Nissan. This brand shows up with one of the longest lists of vehicles to choose from and has been able to offer us an initial quality that’s impressive. There are only 85 reported problems per 100 vehicles from Nissan which makes this a bran that was able to best most of the other Japanese names we know.


This brand is a bit of a surprise because FCA brands are typically at the bottom of most lists. The Ram brand comes in ninth and has 84 reported issues per every 100 vehicles during the first ninety days. This means you can have a Ram pickup or work van and know it’s going to help you get the job done without giving you troubles that you don’t want or need.


It’s good to see a luxury brand that’s part of the largest automaker in the world on this list of the top ten. Not only will your new Lexus offer you a comfortable and luxurious drive, it’s built to make the right first impression on you as it reaches up and is listed in the eight spot for Initial Quality. You can enjoy driving a Lexus and know you’re going to have what you want.


With a number of amazing models to choose from and the quiet and refined luxury you want, the Lincoln brand can be exactly what you want to drive. When you take a look at what this brand has to offer you can feel good knowing they are seventh on the list in Initial Quality. For every 100 vehicles sold, Lincoln shows a reported 83 problems.


Most of us look at the Chevrolet brand as one that belongs with some of the bargain names, but this brand has worked hard over the years to be better than ever. Especially with recent improvements to already popular SUVs like the newly redesigned Chevrolet Equinox. Even though there are more Chevrolet models on the road than some other brands, this brand shows up as the sixth best in the market for Initial Quality with 82 problems for every 100 vehicles sold.


Another surprise in the market is the fact that Ford found its way to the fifth spot for the first impression made with only 81 problems for every 100 vehicles. This is proof that other automakers who found their way to the bottom of the list to review and learn from. As one of the largest automakers, Ford should be extremely proud to be this high on the list.


One brand that has always ranked well when it comes to Initial Quality has been Porsche. This means when you choose a Porsche sports car or SUV you’re going to have a vehicle that offers you an excellent drive and very few troubles. This brand makes it to fourth on the list with 79 problems for every 100 vehicles sold.


As one of the most affordable brands and one that was once thought of as boring, the Hyundai brand makes its way to third on the list with 74 problems for every 100 vehicles sold. The Hyundai Group with Kia and Genesis added to the mix, actually take a one, two, three finish when it comes to Initial Quality, showing a strong commitment to excellence.


Kia, which was truly a bargain basement brand when it first arrived in North America, is only bested by the luxury brand that is part of its own family. Only 72 problems for every 100 vehicles sold was reported for Kia giving it the runner-up position for Initial Quality. If you’re looking for an affordable model to drive and one that can offer you what you’re looking for, Kia is the brand you should look to.


There were only 68 problems for every 100 models sold reported for the Genesis brand. This brand only has two models offered so far, which means a commitment to quality and excellence had to be in place in order to make this the luxury brand we know we can trust and experience when we drive. Genesis was the clear winner for Initial Quality among brands.

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