More Chevrolet Bolt EV Models is Good News

Recently, GM announced it will ramp up the production of the Chevrolet Bolt EV by twenty percent during the fourth quarter of this year.

This news comes with the growing demand for this EV to be the one that many will want to purchase. Other EV models haven’t quite caught up to what the Bolt can offer when it comes to the price and the range offered from a full charge. This certainly is good news as the world works toward a zero-emissions goal which can be led by the Bolt as the model that will be the basis for this movement.

The Demand for the Chevrolet Bolt EV

The world has learned about the Chevy Bolt and with the troubles that Tesla is experiencing in bringing a comparable Model 3to the market, the Bolt is reigning supreme. As a car that can offer a range that’s longer than the Nissan Leaf and a price that’s much less than the current Model 3 vehicles on the market, the Bolt EV is a vehicle that certainly has a strong following.

The following is strong enough that global sales are estimated to be up more than 35 percent for the second quarter of this year and more than forty percent for the first six months. While the rest of the world can’t seem to get enough of the Chevy BoltEV, the same can’t be said for the US market. The production increase will allow GM to rebuild the US dealer inventory, which may be part of why the demand for the Bolt has dropped in the US. The sales for the second quarter of this year were down 22.6 percent but showed an increase for the entire year thus far of 3.5 percent.

A Different Demand than Last Year

Last year the Orion Assembly Plant has to experience an extended shutdown because the demand for the Chevy Sonic was dwindling. The supply of Chevy Bolt models in dealer stock at the time was at a high of 111 days, which made it possible to save some money with the extended closure of the plant. Now, it seems the Orion plant will be running full force for the entire year as the Bolt EV is in higher demand around the world and Chevrolet will have to scramble to make sure dealers have the inventory levels they need.

Not only is the Bolt EV becoming the most successful EV on the market with its long-range and low price, but it’s also going to serve as the basis for the fully autonomous Cruise AV program that GM will begin to build next year. This subset of GM will offer steering wheel-less models that will be used for ride-hailing programs around the country. This program will only be offered in large cities to start with, but shows yet another way that the Bolt EV is needed in such high numbers, which GM is more than happy to offer.

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