Hot Wheels Fun You Can do at Home

The folks of 5MadMovieMakers have made numerous videos showing their expertise with taking Hot Wheels cars, a lot of track, their imagination and a few GoPro cameras and creating videos that impress and amaze us. This group typically builds contraptions or has the cars performing tricks that most of us might never think possible in our own lives, especially if we don’t have a lot of patience. While the have made some of the most impressive Hot Wheels videos online, this particular one is a video that you could actually perform at home and have a lot of fun.

As you can see from the video it appears the only items these guys uses is the track (and a lot of it), what appears to be a full Jenga block game, but there may be more than one game used for this video, a few game or toy cardboard boxes and a stopping block at the end that can come from a kids building set. All these items together help them create the video, that does use their car and the GoPro camera, of course, but you get the pleasure of seeing what it took to make this cool video.

What these folks did with their track wasn’t to try and perform the stunts that take a bit of calculation and engineering, they didn’t create some crazy loops or twists and turns. What you have in this video is simply a straight track that makes its way down three full flights of stairs, with a few items along the way to make it more interesting. This, along with the POV perspective of this video, create a scene that makes it easy to enjoy the ride, even when complicated stunts aren’t involved.

The car with the camera on it heads down the track, picking up the speed needed to move to the nest set of stairs where the team has built a hump for it to make it over. Once over the hump the car heads down the second flight of stairs and along a lengthy landing area and barely makes it over the hump to the third flight of stairs down. Now that it has reached the bottom the car encounters a tunnel and then blocks on the track that it rams through before stopping at the stopping block.

The team gives you four points of view for the two runs down the track. First you have what would be considered an aerial shot, and then you have the POV moving forward. Next the car is set up to ride backward and you get another aerial view followed by the POV of the car showing you where it’s been. This gives you the full view of what the track is, what is being used to support it and how you could do this yourself. This is certainly something you should try at home, or somewhere in your city where you could have a great time with Hot Wheels cars.

11.22.16 - Hot Wheels

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