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Whether you’re a fan or not, the amazing vehicles that Jay Leno has built, rebuilt, restored and kept up offers an impressive collection of love and car of cars. As a car guy that has enjoyed amazing success with his comedy career, Leno has gone on to star in his own show called Jay Leno’s Garage and brings us a wide array of uniquely kept vehicles that are amazing to enjoy. Typically there’s a great story behind every car you can see with his show and as a preview to the newest show you should check out the video that’s included on the show’s Twitter page.

To give you an idea of what you’ll see, you see a convoy of Secret Service agents pulling up at their training facility with one particular VIP in tow. This VIP is none other than our own Vice President, Joe Biden who happens to also be a car guy and has a car that he simply loves to drive. He loves this car so much that it’s been part of his family for many years, but there is certainly a catch to being the Vice President; you don’t get to drive.

The President and Vice President of the US are not allowed to drive during their time in office and for six months after that. This allows the Secret Service to help keep them safe. For most of the world, this wouldn’t be a big deal at all, for VP, Joe Biden, its hell, because he loves to drive and doesn’t get to. Not only does he love to drive, he loves to drive one particular car that has a storied history with him as the long time and only owner of the car.

The car that is owned and driven by Joe Biden is a 1967 Corvette Stingray Convertible. This car would have sold for around $5,600 at the time it was built. The story behind the car is that the Vice President was set to marry his wife in August of 1967 and his father owned a car dealership. As a wedding gift his father was going to take the car from Biden and the one from his soon to be bride and have them fixed up for them. On the day that was scheduled to pick up the fixed up cars Joe Biden went to the dealership only to be presented with a brand new 1967 Corvette Stingray by his father.

This car has been lovingly cared for over the years and has been part of the family since that day. When you see the Vice President get behind the wheel and take off you can tell he loves to drive as he talks about his affinity for the car and how much it’s meant to him. While he’s only been able to drive it three times in the past seven years, he will be able to drive it full time again in June of next year and be free to take this beautiful Corvette wherever he wants to go.

11.22.16 - Jay Leno’s Garage

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