For the Sport Car Driver on Your List

It’s difficult to know what to get someone who drives a sports car like the handsome new 2017 Dodge Charger or Challenger. Most likely if they spent the money to buy a high priced performance car they already have everything they need. While you probably won’t drop thousands of dollars on accessories for their car just to put a smile on their face, you can spend your money on some items they will appreciate that can make the best gift for them and their car. Here are some great suggestions for the sports car driver on your list, and you might want to get some of these for yourself as well.

Polarized Sunglasses – These sunglasses do more than just provide the UV protection you need, they also eliminate the reflections that you run into. These reflections prevent you from seeing into other cars to notice what the driver is doing, but with a pair of polarized sunglasses the sports car drive on your list can have this information as well. You can pick up a good pair of polarized sunglasses for as little as fifteen dollars and might want to grab yourself a pair as well, especially if you love to fish.

Digital Tire Gauge – The tire gauges that are attached to inflation pumps at the gas station don’t provide the accuracy you need. What you need is a digital gauge that can be more accurate and give you the right readout every time. Make sure you give your sports car driver the digital gauge they need to take to the road or track with confidence, knowing their tires are properly inflated and ready to take on any challengers. You can find these gauges for as little as ten bucks and the sports car driver on your list will thank you immensely for the thoughtful gift.

Micro Jump Starters – Not every sports car driver you know has a newer model to make use of, many of them drive older models they have restored and worked on for years. These older models aren’t as reliable as newer models and having a micro jump starting kit can help make the adventure out on the road much easier and cheaper. With one of these kids on hand your sports car driver will be able to restart their vehicle and make it home rather than calling for a tow or a jump that requires them to wait a long time. This is another item you might also want for yourself.

Car Cover – Most of the people who own a sports car that the cherish it’s not their daily ride. This means these cars spend days parked in the driveway without being driven. If you know someone on your list like this, a car cover that fits their car will give them the protection from dust and pollen as well as the sun and weather conditions that happen in your area. This is even a great gift if the car is kept in a garage as it helps to prevent scratches when people walk by in the garage space.

Spray On Detailer – Most sports car owners love to pamper their cars and keep them clean and looking great. To do this they have to make sure the paint is healthy and protected by using a detail spray that works great and cleans up the car between washes. This is a product that will make your sports car owner happy and if you give them a pack of microfiber detail towels the will have a complete package of items to help give their car the look they love to enjoy every time they head out for a ride.

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