Ho Hum, McLaren is at it Again

It’s been done before and if it’s been done before it might make you wonder why any company, especially a company like McLaren would want to do it. Instead of focusing on the next P1 or trying to find a way to make more power from the amazing engine they already have or even finding a way to be a car company for a larger audience, McLaren has its sights set on doing something they did in the past. Why not build a motorcycle or an SUV or even a sedan, nope, this company is going to look back into its history and bring out something they’ve done before.

If we look back to the 1990s, McLaren gave us the fastest car in the world at the time. That car was the F1 and with the speed this car could produce we were hooked on what McLaren had to offer. Not only did they make this car to be fast, they only made a small number of them, 106 to be exact and this car was the supercar you wanted, at least until Bugatti brought in the Veyron.

McLaren is once again going to make 106 of a car and it will be called something entirely new. This new car will be called the BP23 and it will be an amazing car right out of the gate for certain. There will only be 106 built and it’s already sold out, even though it won’t be produced until 2019. This is certainly interesting news, but it isn’t the absolute pinnacle of the news you might expect to receive from this company, although there is more to discuss, so far I haven’t said anything shocking or that would make you excited for the new car.

One item that will be interesting is the fact that the BP23 will be a Hyper GT that is designed to be a car you would want to take on a long road trip and not just whip it around the track. That’s certainly a great idea and since it will be a hybrid model this could give you more fuel mileage than you might expect. Another aspect of what this car will give you is every single part is built just for this car. The whole thing is make custom, hence the name BP23 which stands for Bespoke Project 2.

As for the 3 in the BP23 name, and what is the most exciting part of this car, there is another nod to the F1. The F1 had three seats inside and so will the BP23. This means that the name tells the whole story and those who have already purchased this car with their early orders will have a supercar that can fit three people inside or have the extra room to make a longer road trip more comfortable. This makes the BP23 an exciting car to enjoy and will easily make this car one that you would love to drive.

11.28.16 - Mclaren P1

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