Lamborghini May Soon See Unheard of Sales Figures

Lamborghini was born from a company that built farming equipment and developed into one of the most admired boutique automakers in the world. This brand has been the direct competitor of Ferrari for as long as it’s been making supercars that are exclusively sold to customers who have the money to afford a vehicle which sells at well above $100,000. In order to sell vehicles at that price this company has had to keep production numbers at a relatively low amount to ensure the exclusivity of its brand and avoid the saturation of the market.

With that in mind does it seem odd this brand is about to double its production of vehicles? Not only will the number of vehicles produced double, but the Sant’Agata Bolognese plant will add about 500 more employees to help allow for this increased production. Does this mean the Lamborghini models will become more affordable in the future as they roll off the line? Are we seeing a brand that will one day be mass producing mainstream sedans and shy away from the sports cars that are extensively pricey? I serious doubt that will be the case at all.

The reason for the doubling of production to show off increases sales figures is all about one vehicle. The new SUV, the Lamborghini Urus will make its way to the market in 2018 and will actually account for half of the overall production of the Lamborghini brand. This new SUV is expected to be a top seller right away with many of the customers for this SUV being current owners of Lamborghini sports cars who will want to have an SUV they can drive on a daily basis and have the money to be able to afford this new high end luxury SUV.

Not only will Lamborghini increase its production by double and add 500 new employees to their plant, they will also increase their dealership network. Currently they have 132 dealerships around the world and that number is expected to increase to 160 as this new SUV hits the market. In the US we will probably see about thirty percent of these new dealerships since US customers account for nearly one-third of the sales for this brand. Last year the US customers purchases over 1,000 of the 3,245 Lamborghini sports cars that were built and sold to the public.

Yes, the total production numbers expected for Lamborghini is around 7,000 which includes 3,500 of the Urus SUVs. The rest will show an increase in the number of sports cars produced, but not such a significant increase that the market will somehow become saturated at all. Current Lamborghini owners can relax, this brand will increase its numbers and show doubled sales by 2019, but only because the new Urus will be offered which is expected to show up in 2018 with a price tag around $200,000, which is a price that still keeps this SUV in an exclusive club of its own.

11.29.16 - Lamborghini Urus

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