Future Additions for the Buick Brand

The Buick brand has been heading in the right direction for the past few years. There was a time when this brand was mired as one of the choices made mostly by older generations, but with new styles, new technology, and a heavy dose of advertising we’ve seen this brand as a newly developed brand to be what a larger audience can choose for the drive. As we see the Buick team add more to the lineup with a variety of SUVs, sedans, and even a convertible, the upgrades in technology are forthcoming from other segments of the GM brands.

When you think of the Buick brand you typically see a brand that’s been considered one of the premium brands offered on the market. As the brand that situates itself between Chevrolet and Cadillac in the GM model tree, Buick has some influence from both of these two brands. The Cadillac influence may bring a new technology to the Buick name, but not until this is something that can be incorporated without increasing the price. With that in mind, the technology that we should eventually see in Buick models is the Super Cruise that’s already being offered in some Cadillac models.

What is Super Cruise?

This new technology is one that’s been recently launched in Cadillac models and it’s considered to be the first hands-free partial self-driving technology offered from the GM lineup. Because of the huge following and success of this system that’s been offered in the CT6 already, the entire Cadillac brand is going to be equipped with Super Cruise in the new future with the upcoming XT4 SUV being the next model to gain this technology for the drive. As this system makes its way through the Cadillac lineup, the question becomes when it will be offered in the Buick models we see.

The new Super Cruise system has been described as being a more relaxing and satisfying system to be able to give us the ride we want in the luxury models offered from Cadillac. Even though Cadillac needs to continue to differentiate itself from the other brands from GM, the fact that Buick is creating a sub-brand with the Avenir models that are being offered, this system could be offered at this level of driving in the near future. It wouldn’t even be a surprise to see the Super Cruise being offered by the GMC models, especially when we see the Yukon and Yukon LX being redesigned for the 2020 model year.

For now, we have the Super Cruise being offered by Cadillac, but GM can certainly add this feature to some of the other premium brands at the top of the trim levels to justify the price increase that will be experienced and offered during the drive. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this system, you have to buy a Cadillac model right now, but the Buick team may add it to the Avenir versions when the time feels right to them.

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