There are Rules to Follow for the Dodge Demon

When you buy certain cars there are rules you’re expected to follow when you own and drive the car. One of the rules you’ll have to follow involves driving the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon which brings you as much as 840 horsepower for the ride. This rule involves watching what the temperatures are outside when you’re ready to take your Demon out for a drive. If the temperature reaches below 15 degrees F, you’ll need to change your tires or not drive the Dodge Demon at all, and that’s one of the agreements you’ll make.

Why shouldn’t you drive your Demon on the stock tires when the temperatures drop this low? The stock Nitto NT05R drag radial tires are built for the track and lose some of the flexibility needed to give you the necessary grip for a drive when the temperatures drop this low. These tires could crack and become damaged when you drive them in cold temperatures because they are built for drag racing and have a custom compound and construction that makes it necessary to protect them by making sure you drive the car in warmer temperatures rather than have the tires become destroyed when it’s cold.

What Should You Do?

As the first production car to ever be fitted with standard drag radial tires this is a rule that makes a lot of sense for you to enjoy the car the way you should. It’s important to know you might not want to drive this car when it gets to be this cold anyway. If you must use the Demon during the colder months, it would be a good idea to have a set of all-season tires that can be used for this car during the rest of the time you’re ready to drive.
The tires that come standard on the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon aren’t made to be used on the highway either. This is how you can make these tires wear out much faster than you would expect. As mentioned, make sure you have a set of all-season tires for this car and you’ll be fine. This will allow you to save the track tires for the track and still drive the car that you want to show off to your family and friends wherever you need to go on a daily basis, but most people won’t be driving this car on a daily basis at all.

Dodge Demon On the Track

There are other rules associated with driving the Dodge Demon including the use of Track-Use features that must be limited to only on the track. Also, the passenger seat can’t be added to the Demon unless it comes from the factory this way, so if you plan to carry a passenger with you ever, you need to order your Demon with a passenger seat. Most likely, you’ll never have to worry about these rules because you’ll save the Demon for the drive desired on the track and not waste your time running out for milk in a car that has the power of the Demon.

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