You’ve Got to Avoid the Potholes

When you drive on the roads across the country or around the world you can be faced with potholes that need to be avoided when you’re ready to head out and have a drive. Potholes can be the result of changing temperatures, a large amount of precipitation and weakened areas under the roads that we drive on. These items tend to vary from the small and annoying to a large hole that can cause you to pay thousands of dollars for repairs if you hit them at speeds that are too much to keep your car intact.

Not only do you have to avoid potholes on the road for the continued safety of your vehicle and your wallet, but hitting these things can cause you injuries as well. When you hit a pothole you can become jarred and shaken inside the vehicle in much the same way as when you’re in a crash that happens when you hit another vehicle on the road. The question for you should be not only how to avoid potholes, but how fast you shouldn’t drive when you travel through a pothole on the roads in your area.

The Demonstration

In the video below you’re going to see a Mercedes-E-Class that’s been stripped down of some of the bodywork to make it easier to see what happens when you hit a pothole. These road obstacles are sharp, have vertical edges and typically make it extremely difficult for you to drive. Even if you have a high-performance luxury car with great tires, you’re going to end up with repair costs you don’t want or need and potentially have a great deal of damaged and a popped tire when you run into a pothole.

During the video, you’ll see what happens when the car hits a pothole with all its bodywork in place and then again after it’s taken off. The host of the video tells you that he was worried that the car would be able to handle the pothole at 10 mph and when it does he decides to try and give it a try at a faster speed. The damage done to the car is incredible and you need to keep in mind the car is a luxury model that’s built with more substantial suspension items than what you might have in many vehicles.

By the end of the video, the Mercedes is damaged pretty badly. You might not run over potholes on purpose to see what they do to your car, but you also need to make sure you go extremely slow when you face them or try not to hit them at all. you don’t need to deal with the added cost that driving over a pothole can cost you when you drive. Take a look at this video and learn more about why you should stay away from these items out on the road which can actually tear up your vehicle.

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