Affordability Doesn’t Always Mean a Low Price

Even though we initially think of an affordable model as being one that offers us the lowest price to purchase a vehicle, the fact is that you need to consider other factors when choosing a model and calling it affordable. You need to take into consideration the cost of maintenance, upkeep, fuel, and depreciation when you talk about affordability. Here are ten of the most affordable models based on a five-year ownership cycle, making them models you should choose to drive.

Nissan Sentra – As one of the most attractive and popular small sedans on the market, the Nissan Sentra continues to be a car that we can admire for its affordability and easy to enjoy qualities. You’re going to be impressed with the features and the trims offered for this sedan that will be easy for you to maintain and drive.

Hyundai Elantra – While Hyundai has had a habit of adding more features for the price than nearly any other brand, the Elantra continues to be a car that’s straightforward and easy to drive. This car can reach up to 38 mpg on the highway, offers you a low price, is easy to maintain and continues to be one of the most popular models to purchase on the new and used markets.

Toyota Corolla – You would expect the Corolla to be on this list. If a vehicle wears the Toyota badge it’s a model that’s one of the most reliable and engaging for the drive, making it a vehicle that many can fall in love with and the Corolla fits in that category. You’ll know you’ve made a smart choice when you allow this to be the car that’s right for you to drive.

Mitsubishi Mirage – As a small sedan that can give you the driving experience you need, the Mirage continues to make it easier than ever for you to have the drive you need. There are more of us commuting on the roads than ever before, which makes an efficient and affordable model one of the best choices whether you buy it new or used.

Smart Fortwo – With a smaller engine and fewer moving parts, those that tend to spend time driving around in the city are looking for the Fortwo to handle their daily driving needs. This makes this Smart car one of the most affordable for you to own for a few years and is able to trade or sell when you’re ready to move into a new model.

Kia Rio – If a subcompact sedan is what you’re looking for, this can be the right choice for you. The Rio resembles its larger Optima sibling in many ways and has become one of the most attractive and impressive small vehicles that you can drive when it’s time to get out on the road and have the experience desired for the drive.

Honda Fit – It’s not a surprise this Honda is on the list. With fuel mileage that reaches 40 mpg on the highway and the small stature you want to enjoy for the drive, this is a car that can be perfect for you to have the drive you’re looking for. This is an easy car to maintain and one that will allow you to receive an excellent return on your investment when you trade it in.

Toyota Yaris iA – If you remember the Mazda2, this is that car but badged completely differently. This is a car that’s still sought after and when more of the market understands it’s now packaged by Toyota, you’re going to know how affordable the iA is. This impressive small car is one that gives you the fuel mileage, style, and reliability you need.

Nissan Versa – The Versa has been dubbed the most affordable vehicle on the market. At the base price, it is the lowest and it shows up with the qualities and the features that make the most sense while maintaining this low price for you. You’re going to want to take this car home with you after you take it for a single test drive.

Chevrolet Spark – Small, fun, funky, and stylish, the Chevrolet Spark checks off all the boxes needed for affordability. This car is priced low, offers you excellent fuel mileage, is affordable to maintain, and it has a generous resale value after five years. Let this be the right car for you when you’re looking for a small and active vehicle to drive.

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