Old Enough to be a Classic Vehicle?

Most of the time we associate a classic vehicle as one that is at least a quarter of a century old, which for 2017 means that cars built in 1992 would be considered classic models this year. For this reason, and the rules that are in place allow some of the cars that used to be banned from the US market and now can be transported to the US. The fact is, a model that’s a classic typically offers us a look back at the past and won’t make it easy for us to have the qualities and features we have grown used to.

With this in mind, the 2002 version of the Ferrari Enzo brings about some interesting questions. This is a car that’s still ten years away from being offered as a model that’s truly a classic, but it’s also a car that doesn’t offer some of the modern items you would expect, even fifteen years ago. With that in mind, who better to tell us about the Ferrari Enzo than one of the most famous car guys in the world, Jay Leno.

What Makes the Enzo a Classic

The 2002 version of the Ferrari Enzo is a car that carries in the look and feel you want when the name Ferrari comes to mind. This car is a world-beater that was perfect for the 2002 model year to head out on the track and take off with some of the fastest laps you can imagine. This car brought in what was an advanced suspension, a high-performance naturally aspirated V12 engine, an automated single-clutch paddle-shift transmission, and the drive you want to have on the roads and tracks. This is a car that at the time, was as cutting edge as it got.

While it feels like this is an argument against the Enzo being a classic model, this car was one that already feels as dated as many of the music players we used to use including tape players and CD players. The Enzo was built with some of the basics you would have expected and left out some of the others. This is a car that doesn’t even have power windows which were certainly mainstream fifteen years ago for the experience of the drive that makes you have to get a short workout to put the windows up or down.

The lack of modern technology wasn’t what made the Enzo great. This car doesn’t muffle the sound of the engine, it doesn’t have fancy traction controls, and it doesn’t need computerization to handle the drive. This is a completely impressive supercar that is as direct and basic as you want it to be. Take a look at the video below and take a drive with Jay Leno and learn more about this impressive car. Decide for yourself whether or not the Ferrari Enzo should be considered a supercar or not and enjoy the drive.


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