An SUV Doing SUV Things: The New Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento

While the SUV market has grown to the point of being the segment where we see more models being sold than on any other part of the automotive market, it seems we don’t see SUVs doing SUV things as much as we should. This part of the market has become filled with model that is smaller and shorter than before to be nearly unrecognizable between a subcompact SUV and a hatchback model when they are driven on the road. With this movement toward smaller models, it seems like the SUV term should be redefined.

Thankfully, one SUV has recently been seen doing actual SUV things and it’s a model that doesn’t’ wear the Jeep or Land Rover brand names. This SUV is one that will be shown off at the Los Angeles Auto Show with new and upgraded styling and it’s a model that you’ve become familiar with over the years. Not only did this SUV head out and perform some activities that you would expect it to on the trails, but the trails that were chosen were some that are some of the most difficult to handle and have a reputation for eating up other SUVs.

Revealing the Performer

The SUV that was seen out on the trails that we admire was the Kia Sorento. Ahead of the reveal of the new refreshed style and updated qualities that the Sorento offers this SUV was taken to the famous trails in Moab to tackle this are that is typically enjoyed by the Jeep models every year. Not only did the Sorento head to these trails and enjoy some of the lighter off-road traveling, but it took on and handled the treacherous Hell’s Revenge, which is considered to be the most challenging trail in the area and one of the hardest to conquer in the world.
The Kia Sorento is an SUV that offers you the ability to enjoy three rows of seats and let everyone ride along with you when you want to get out on the road and the trails for the drive. The model that tackled these trails in Moab is the new 2019 model that will be offered in just a couple years for us to have the ride we want. It was able to take on the challenges offered in the desert including Hell’s Gate, which certainly allows you to know this is a highly capable SUV to enjoy.
Even if you won’t ever take your Kia Sorento out for some trail riding to handle challenging obstacles, knowing it has the equipment and the power to get the job done is an incredible nod to the quality of this SUV. It’s good to see an SUV out on the trails doing things we expect SUV models to do, especially when its one that comes from a name that doesn’t necessarily ring true with off-road prowess most of the time.


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