Thankfully This Jeep Wrangler Hasn’t Been Bad Yet

Imagine you’re driving around in your new Jeep Wrangler; you might not have even had a chance to take it out on the dirt yet and enjoy some trail riding. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone crashes into you and the expected safety devices that are supposed to engage and keep you safe in your vehicle don’t deploy or activate and you end up crashing into the dashboard of your Wrangler, smashing your face in or even worse, dying. This is the reality that’s facing some owners of the Jeep Wrangler if they don’t take care of the latest recall that’s been issued.

FCA has issued a recall for the Jeep Wrangler for 2016 and 2017 models. This recall will affect 182,743 owners in the US, 18,011 in Canada and 3,087 in Mexico. The problem with the Wrangler is being described as a wiring issue, but this wiring issue is serious enough that it should be handled immediately to ensure no one is hurt before they have their vehicle repaired to be made safe once again. This isn’t a recall that you can just let sit idle and not take care of, this problem is serious and needs to be handled right away.

What can happen is the wiring for some of the impact sensors in the Wrangler will become disconnected and cause the safety features of the Wrangler to be unable to deploy. This means the airbags and the seatbelt pretensioners won’t work the way their supposed to and the lack of deployment could lead to injury or death of those inside the vehicle. FCA will replace the wiring to make sure this won’t be a problem in the future once the recall has taken place and handled on each vehicle in which it needs to be addressed.

Thankfully, this isn’t an issue that was discovered during a crash on the road of a driver. FCA found the issue during in house crash testing of the Wrangler. This makes for a bit of a sigh of relief, but those who own a Wrangler for the 2016 and 2017 model years need to make sure they are taken care of right away to ensure the vehicle’s safety functions can operate exactly as expected in the case of a crash. Currently owners can call the FCA Customer Care Center and make sure their vehicle is or isn’t on the recall list.

11.21.16 - Jeep Wrangler

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