Maserati , You Had to See this Coming

What seems to be the most common occurrence when Maserati has new high-class models offered at the variety of auto shows we see around the world? Even when automakers announce they will have a car in production by a specific time, and give themselves what seems like enough time to make it happen, we have delays. Delays are the enemy of those of us who wait with bated breath and our money in our hands to buy the newest offering on the market, but delays happen and with many of the higher end models it’s becoming more of a regularity than ever before.

Maserati is an automaker that has made a history of being one of the grandest and most elegant automakers on the market. The absolute perfection and beauty by which Maserati models appear give us the feeling that something very special is going on with these cars and something special is. As the automaker that offers us a variety of great cars that are perfect for couples to ride around in together they have made some decisions recently that cause delays in what we’ve wanted to see come to the roads right away.

The next model that would be built which we currently don’t have is the Alfieri. This car is a long and swooping sports car that offers you the gorgeous lines that almost look like they were copied off a runway model in Paris. This car will ride on incredible wheels and is expected to give us all the power, performance and precision we want to have in a car that carries the Trident at the front of the nose. Unfortunately we will have to wait longer for the Alfieri to make it to market now as its been delayed for the time being.

Thankfully this delay isn’t being said to be indefinite and Maserati isn’t experiencing any financial issues which could cause this model to be deleted. Instead what they are doing is upgrading the current lineup before moving on to the Alfieri. This recent announcement let us know that the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be replaced in the 2018-2019 model years which is when the Alfieri was expected to be released. There was rumor that the Grancabrio might be dropped from the lineup altogether, but that isn’t the case anymore. The goal is to allow upgrades to what Maserati does best, the 2+2 GT cars that can be enjoyed by two couples out having a great time together.

As of right now the Alfieri is now expected to be on the market as of the 2020-2021 model years and the key decisions regarding the platform and styling haven’t even been finalized yet, which means we might have an Alfieri that looks nothing like the one we have on the market right now. This design approval might not happen until 2018 which means we might not see a production concept until at least 2019, making it important that you put your money back in the bank and start earning some interest while you wait for this car.

This isn’t the first delay the Alfieri has had, this car first arrived at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 and was said to be part of the 2016 model year launch, but as you can tell, it’s been delayed and hopefully we’ll have it by 2021 so we can begin to enjoy this amazing sports car.

11.16.16 - Maserati Alfieri

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