Luxury Vehicle Services Needed by All Brands

When it comes to having your vehicle serviced there is something you have to give up most of the time; your time. In order to stay on schedule with the maintenance program needed to keep your vehicle in the working condition you have to take it somewhere to be serviced on a regular basis. This often means you might choose a service center that isn’t the dealership you purchased the vehicle from which can lead to proper maintenance being overlooked on your vehicle. While many automakers, especially luxury ones, now offer complimentary maintenance on some of their models for a period of time they still don’t save you any time.

Lincoln has changed the game and made it so you will be able to save time when it comes to vehicle servicing. They are now offering a standard Pickup and Delivery Service across the brand lineup beginning in 2017. This service will absolutely save you time and energy while allowing you to have your vehicle serviced at the proper intervals, ensuring your Lincoln remains in good condition and is properly maintained as it’s supposed to be during your time owning the vehicle.

This service from Lincoln actually began as a test program with select dealers in May of 2015 and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. More than 98 percent of those who used this service indicated they would be inclined to purchase another Lincoln model in the future and 93 percent said they would recommend Lincoln and this great service to a friend. With this kind of response Lincoln only had one thing to do; take the next step and offer this great service across their entire lineup, which we will see starting next year. Let’s look at how this service actually works for you as a Lincoln owner.

The Pickup and Delivery Service allows you to contact the Lincoln dealership and schedule a pickup of your Lincoln to be serviced. A Lincoln Service Valet will pick up your vehicle at an agreed upon location and leave you with a loaner Lincoln vehicle to allow you to have a vehicle to drive while yours is being serviced. Your vehicle will then be taken to the dealership to be serviced and washed before being returned to you at the same or another agreed upon location. This makes it easy for you to continue with your day without the need to give up your time just to have your vehicle serviced.

This program will be offered as a standard feature with the 2017 Lincoln Continental and as an available feature for all models starting in the 2017 model year. This is a service that is certainly worth the added cost and something all luxury automakers should include. This is the best way for a dealership to help a customer ensure their vehicle is maintained properly while also creating brand loyalty to Lincoln. If it’s one thing we all want more of its time and Lincoln has found a way to give you some of your time back when you purchase one of their vehicles.

07.20.16 - 2017 Lincoln Continental

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