Sports Car, A Feature that Truly Makes It

When it comes to super sports car one of the most significant features you will find is a large wing on the back of the car. These wings are meant to help provide stability and downforce for the car to keep the rear end on the ground and provide the ability for the car to take full advantage of the ride around a track or on the street. Here are some cars that have worn the most impressive spoilers and wings we’ve ever seen.

1985 Lamborghini Countach LP500S – The large wing on the back of this car happened to be the item that made this car offers a signature look. Originally this wing was a popular aftermarket item but it was eventually offered by Lamborghini in order to give it a look that made this car look perfect and finished.

1995 Porsche 911 GT2 – Porsche has been known for years to put some of the best spoilers on their cars to give us an appearance that is simply amazing. This car offered a hot ride and a wing that pushed the back down enough to have a car that showed up with the sport and style we want to admire and enjoy.

1970 Plymouth Superbird/Dodge Daytona – This pair of cars from the 70’s had a significant look that was meant to dominate NASCAR during the time. This wing was high and large sitting on two massive pillars. These cars also had a nose that was redesigned to come to a narrow front and finished look making for racing muscle cars that used aero and downforce.

1992 Ford Escort Cosworth – The Ford Escort wasn’t known to be a fast car at all, but the Cosworth model offered a wing that jutted out of the roof like a windswept part of the car. The air could flow under the wing over the rear window and offer the right feel and push for this car to look and feel like a sports car.

1993 Toyota Supra – The top Toyota sports car offers a spoiler that came up high off the rear deck and helped to keep this car under control. This car didn’t look right without the wing on the back and if you drove it too fast without one you would quickly learn why you needed this spoiler on the back of the Supra.

2016 Dodge Viper ACR – This is a GT race car that is somehow allowed to be on the street as well. This car comes with a massive wing that generates a great deal of downforce to give you some control over this uncontrollable snake on the road, but mostly on the track. This is a race car from start to finish and the massive wing on the back keeps the rear in check.

1998 Subaru Impreza 22B-STi – This is one of the best-looking STI models to ever be made. The WRX was first the 22B and offered the style, the front hood scoop and the wing that made its signature appearance on the market to be a car that more tuners desire than nearly any other because it already has most of what they want.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II – The name is a mouthful, but the wing is gorgeous on the rear deck of this car and the profile looks to be similar to a mullet hairstyle. This car is definitely all serious business up front, but head to the back and you have a party that is led by this spoiler that keeps this luxury car in a party mood.

1972 BMW 3.0 CSL – In order to allow this car to be part of the touring car racing circuit there had to be some road versions of the car. This was a car that was built for racing in the 1970s and showed up with a double batwing spoiler on the back that was held up by three wedges of support. Overall this car looks odd and alarmingly ugly to some, but to those who understand what this car was meant to be the wing adds the right performance to a car that is a grand tourer.

07.24.16 - 2016 Dodge Viper ACR

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