The Kia Sports Car Will be Similar to the new Genesis G70

While Kia has not ever been part of the sports car market and we have enjoyed the fact this brand has grown from being in the bargain bin of the automotive industry to now being one of the brands we look to on a regular basis for the vehicles we want to love and enjoy a sports car has never worn the Kia badge.  Now we see the Kia brand will have a sports car, even though it hasn’t been revealed in all its glory it has been spied testing.

This new sports car is called the CK which is so far just the codename for the car.  It’s expected to be a sedan that has gorgeous lines and a great look.  Under the hood we have been told there will be a 3.3-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine that will push out 365 horsepower.  If this engine seems to be a familiar choice that’s because it’s the same one that is being used on the Genesis G80 and the rumor mill tells us there may be an increase in horsepower to reach as much as 400 when it does make its way to the Kia sports car.

If you really want an idea about the style of the car the Kia GT Concept is a great place to start.  It’s very similar to the Kia Optima Hybrid in many ways, but then again it’s so much more. This may eventually be the name of the car, but it could also use the name Stinger, which has been trademarked for Kia to make use of.  OF course Kia could choose to go a different route with the name, so we will have to wait and see what this car is actually going to be called and what we can expect from it when it finally makes it to the market for us to enjoy.

As for the platform for the new Kia sports car it will share the same build as the new Genesis G70 Coupe.  This gives us a look into what Genesis will use as the look for their new coupe style.  While there will be obvious similarities, the sports car is expected to be tuned up in more ways than just under the hood to give us a car that has all the performance pieces we want to have so that it can provide us with the car we will love to drive on every road in the country.

What’s the target market for this new sports car?  Kia is looking to have a car that is able to compete with the Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS- Class which is certainly a lofty goal.  Knowing this car is already in testing mode gives us the idea that it will show up on a stage somewhere in the world in the next few months as a concept car or even possibly as the production version of what we will come to love as the new Kia sports car.  This is not only the next logical step for Kia; it’s long overdue since we have admired the name for several years now.  Thankfully we will finally have a sports car from a name that is affordable in every category.

2017 Kia Genesis G70

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