Upgrading the Ferrari California with More Handling

Most of us look at any Ferrari and feel like their handling, engines, builds, style and reputation are more than enough to keep our tongues wagging and wanting more. For those who make a living driving super sports car from some of the most highly acclaimed names in the business do desire more whenever it’s possible to take advantage of an upgrade offered. The Ferrari California is built to T-spec by making use of a 3.9-liter flat twin turbocharged engine, giving us an awesome ride, but a new handling option has been created that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

This new handling package will start out like most others which will have improved dampers and springs. The dampers are changed to improve their response time when it comes to differing road conditions. The settings for the dampers are controlled through the steering wheel manettino with the Sport setting being the most aggressive setting you can choose. As for the springs, they are stiffer at all four corners. You will see an increased stiffness of sixteen percent in the front and nineteen percent in the rear. These changes immediately create a better handling of this car to ensure you can make the twists and turns easier than ever before. With these changes the ride comfort is a little less, but the overall driving of this car is much better than ever before.

If these were the only changes I wouldn’t waste your time, this package of improvements comes with even more to enjoy. The transmission has been improved to offer faster shifting in Sport mode regardless of the transmission chosen. This was accomplished by using recalibrated shift logic. The California is also able to corner better with some improvements to the F1-Trac stability control system, which has been claimed to improve the ride even on bumpy roads, but certainly is an upgrade on the track.

Whenever you see a package added to a super sports car such as this you also receive some appearance changes to give you an improved look. The California T adds a matte grill, matt painted rear diffuser and matt black exhaust pipes. There is a special edition plaque that is put in the cabin to remind you this car is a special edition model that has the upgraded handling while you drive this beautiful car.

As if these changes weren’t enough the engine will sound different for this model than the base model. This doesn’t mean more power, just an angrier sound, but the Ferrari California T already gives you 553 horsepower when you hit 7500 rpm, which is an amazing amount of power for this exceptional roadster. With this handling package installed, you easily see you get much more than just an improved handling of the car, but a few other benefits as well to give you a car that will perform perfectly at the track. This new handling package will be debuted in Geneva in March for all of us to enjoy and admire.

01.24.16 - 2015 Ferrari California

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