Top Rated Entries at the Detroit Auto Show

Officially this auto show is known as the North American International Auto Show, but it’s better known as the Detroit Auto Show. This is the location where the show circuit begins every year. We have taken a look at a variety of vehicles that were brought to the show and found many to be interesting and attractive. Although it’s obvious every automaker has worked hard to bring in some of the best models for us to review at the auto show there were five that stood out as the best we saw at this grand start to the year.

Lincoln ContinentalAlthough the Continental is highly disputed as a car that looks too much like one of the lower models, this new flagship model is elegant, attractive, powerful and full of great luxury features. Immediately you notice the new Continental has no door handles and that is one new feature for this car that is really cool as they are electronically operated. Under the hood you will enjoy the 400 horsepower that is put to all four wheels to give you and fun and easy to love driving experience from this car. Even though it doesn’t look anything like a Continental of the past this car could handle the job of carrying on the name.

Buick Avista ConceptDramatic, clean, gorgeous, luscious and curvaceous this car brings it all. Buick has for the second year in a row brought a concept car to the show that will make for an impressive production model should it ever make it to the assembly line. The grumblings from some of the auto experts at the show came in the form of empty promises. While Buick has not promised last year or this one to turn the concept into a production model it sure would be great if they found a way to do so.

Lexus LC 500From the company that loves to change things up and came up with the spindle grill a few years ago, the LC 500 pushes the design envelope to a new level. You will never look at this car and think of it as a boring model and the fact that it uses the same engine as the RC F while giving us a glorious coupe that can be our next favorite car on the road. The LC 500 has a goal in mind, to be everything but boring, and it seems to achieve it easily as this is the new flagship coupe that will be the basis for other Lexus models in the future.

Volvo S90One look and you might think of this as a mild mannered sedan without a lot to offer. Remembering where Volvo was not very many years ago, this is a major transformation but one that has been done with a modest profile in a large size. the 90 number seems to be the level Volvo wants to hitch its wagon to for success and this sedan looks amazing and should be one that many of us love. Of course, being a Volvo it’s also one of the safest cars that will come on the road in the coming years.

Chrysler Pacifica – Chrysler has made a new minivan and given it an old name. The Pacifica that you will see in 2017 will replace the Town & Country and offer several different technological advancements to have a full menu of features to enjoy. There will be a hybrid version of the Pacifica minivan to let you enjoy even better fuel mileage than you ever have on any other model in the market.

While these five were the most impressive vehicles to show up at the Detroit Auto Show there are several others that deserve a mention as models that showed up with attractive style and exciting powertrains. These other models are the BMW M2, Nissan Titan Warrior Concept, Honda Ridgeline, Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept, VLF The Force 1, Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew, Audi H-Tron Concept, Ford Fusion Sport, Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback, Infiniti Q60, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Kia Telluride Concept. The NAIA in Detroit was certainly a great start to the auto shows for this year as we look forward to the next one on the schedule.

01.29.16 - 2017 Lincoln Continental

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