New President; A New Limo

Cadillac has been the trusted name in transportation for the current President and is to be the one used by the next as well. Currently President Obama uses a large Cadillac limo that is called The Beast and was features on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Dubbed by the Secret Service as Cadillac One or Limo One, a name given whenever the President is riding inside, the current car will be retired after the current President leaves office to make room for a new Cadillac limo to be made use of and provide the protection when travelling on road for the new President.

This new Cadillac limousine will be the first one that does not feature the wreath crest on the grill from Cadillac. The new limo will feature the new CT6 front fascia but be built larger than the CT6 considering this is the goal with the Cadillac limousines. This new Presidential transport will be built on the Chevrolet Kodiak medium duty truck chassis in order to have a car built much larger than the typical CT6. The current car used by President Obama appears to be a stretched out DTS sedan but this new one for the next President will be built on the latest platform from Cadillac.

Let’s take a look at the features of this new Presidential Transport Vehicle. Oops, we can’t do that. The features are kept secret, which is important for the protection of the President, but amazing that so many who work on this car can keep it a secret from the rest of the world, at least regarding what this car does have. You can expect this big limo to have plenty of room for the President to conduct the business needed and transport the whole family, but the rest of what is aboard is simply speculation.

What we can venture a guess at regarding the features, is that this will be a car that is bulletproof and be able to withstand small bombs. The tires certainly will be run flat tires or bulletproof themselves and there should be some form of air supply on board in case of chemical or biomedical warfare. For many years the big red phone was a feature the country was familiar with, but since the communication devices have come a long way since that was first used the expectation is that the car will feature the most up to date communications to ensure the President is able to communicate any way they need to.

One of the best parts of knowing when the current President will leave office, making way for a new one is you know when you need the next limo for the President. This limo was ordered as early as 2013, giving Cadillac plenty of time to create this new Beast that will be the secure and protective vehicle for the next President to be able to feel safe and secure when being transported on the road throughout the country.

01.21.16 - The Beast

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