Spyker, Coming Out of the Ashes

Do you know the name Spyker? If not I won’t be too surprised at all. This Dutch specialty car company was in the throes of full-fledged bankruptcy as recently as 2014 and somehow has come out on the other side to be able to begin receiving cash flow enough that the could be on the way back up to where they should be. For those who are familiar with Spyker the company has been one that we have admired from afar for several years and always seems to have something seriously impressive up their sleeve.

Coming out of their bankruptcy produced a merger with Portland based Volta Volare which is an electric aircraft manufacturer. The announcement was recently made that the two companies would develop electric powertrains together which gave us the news that the next Spyker vehicle would certainly be an EV, but what kind of EV was left to the imagination. With the wide variety that we already see on the market this car could come out as anything from the LEAF to the Model S and all that is in between to give us a car that we would want to drive, but leave the question of which crowd it was meant to appeal to.

The most recent announcement is that Spyker will unveil this new EV car as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show which will be held in March. Of course this announcement has already caused some grumblings for us to try and figure out what the car will be. It could be that Spyker has come up with a whole new look and concept that would be in line with their new partner or they could simply take one of their older models and fit it with the necessary EV powertrain.

Spyker has been known in the past as a specialty automaker and one that mostly specializes in the sports car world. If the new EV they show off in Geneva is to be a sports car then they are certainly playing in the area much closer to the Tesla Model S and could easily bring an EV equipped B6 Venator or other sports car from their collection to do the job. The simple reality of the situation is that they need to come in strong with a car that is ready to head into production so they can start selling vehicles again.

With Spyker making this announcement the speculation certainly can begin. If the company is going to continue to be a low volume production company the cars they do make will have to provide us with something seriously special, but no one knows what that will be yet, except the team at Spyker. Could we see an EV sports car with a 400 mile range? Is it possible this powertrain could make more horsepower than anything else on the market? Both are possible, or the company could be working toward a whole new direction and bring us an EV that could be in thousands of driveways around the world. I’m sure there will be more information in the coming months leading up to the show; it’s nice to see Spyker making cars again.

01.18.16 - Spyker Logo

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